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An Untapped Source of Low-competition Leads...

Dirk Zeller
Real Estate Training and Real Estate Coaching covering every area of need that is fully-comprehensive, time-tested, and proven to generate success for any Real Estate Agent is what we have to offer you.

Whether you're a New Agent, Experienced Agent, Top Producer, or a Broker/Owner/Manager, our real estate training and coaching programs can and will help you generate a larger degree of success (with less effort) in your business and life.

No other personal development company (focused on Real Estate Agents) has the depth or breadth of training and coaching opportunities that Real Estate Champions, Inc. has to offer.

Our developed-in-the-trenches, systemized Real Estate Training encompasses every aspect of an Agent's business and life and has successfully proven time and again to boost sales production numbers and reduce costs (both financial and time).

Real Estate Trainer, Coach, and CEO, Dirk Zeller, famous for his ability as an individual Agent to sell 150+ homes per year working only 4 days a week, heads up Real Estate Champions, Inc.

Enlisting the expertise of legendary International Real Estate Trainers and Coaches such as Al Mayer, David Doeleman and many others, we've developed our trademarked Four Day Work Week® Coaching and Training Systems.

In addition to our coaching and training systems, we've developed an international network of professional real estate coaching offices (the only one of its kind).

Our coaches are helping Agents across the globe achieve excellence (higher degrees of financial and personal success) through real-world, market-specific knowledge and skills no other company has. 

Bottom Line: We have experienced and successful real estate coaching staff in markets everywhere, delivering the specific knowledge to compete and the skills to win in your marketplace.  

Established in 1998, Real Estate Champions, Inc. set a bold goal for the company to focus on creating Champion Performers through Real Estate Training and Coaching. Our goal isn't to Coach Agents to become proficient enough to earn an income in real estate sales. It isn't even to coach Agents to become top producers. Our goal is to create Champion Producers that enjoy a balanced life; achieving excellence while enjoying the fruits of their labor as well.

Our company's mission is “To teach and inspire people (Real Estate Agents) to use their God given talents to achieve excellence in life”; to help you rise to the Champion Level in your Real Estate Business and life.

So, whether you invest the time in reading one of our Real Estate Training Articles, pure one of our best selling Real Estate Training Books or one of our Real Estate Training CD Series, participate in our Online Real Estate Training and Coaching Program, or go for the top and invest in our Real Estate Coaching Programs, we look forward to teaching and inspiring you to become a Real Estate Champion®.

To You Becoming a Real Estate Champion®,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO
Real Estate Champions, Inc.

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