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  • "I have gone through several coaching programs but never learned as much as I have with Real Estate Champions. I am learning invaluable techniques in selling but most importantly I am learning how to run my business."

    Cindy Baiardi
  • "Thank you Dirk for keeping on us on track... With the market shifting the atmosphere around the office has not been good. You provided us the path and reminded us to be proactive in our prospecting. As a result we have approx 160 transactions on our "Zeller" board (2/6 thru 7/18) I know based on our activity there is more to come. Thank you for your talks, guidance, and motivation."

    Terry Birt Sales Manager Prudential California Realty

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12 Aug17:17pm

Word Cloud with Expert related tags

Do you have the skills that will make you massively successful? Are you making the most of them? The people who are compensated the best in life are highly skilled and highly specialized. They perform few functions, but the ones they do are performed exceedingly well, and they are paid handsomely for performing them. Let [...]

05 Aug20:15pm

Act now

In all areas of life, taking action is the key to success. Most people who fail to achieve what they want, fail for lack of action. The ability to take action is the skill that ultimately separates the winners from the losers in the game of life. There are a number of truths that I [...]

29 Jul15:23pm

tick placed in excellent check box with fountain pen over customer service

A service encounter happens any time that a consumer interacts with a servicing organization. Every Website hit or incoming ad or sign call is a service encounter. When a prospect talks to you, your staff, your company Receptionist, your Closing Coordinator, or your Broker, Owner, Lender, Escrow or Title Attorney, or anyone on your service [...]

25 Jul18:53pm

businessman and drawing goal  diagram over head

Because none of us have the capacity to work on all of our goals at once, the more focused and specific we are, the more successful we can be. I would suggest a top ten list of goals that you apply your goal action plan. Determine the most important ten goals and create a goal [...]

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