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Free Online Real Estate
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"How You Can Have All the Tools, Tactics, and
Techniques You Need to Be a Champion
Agent 24/7, 365 Days a Year..."
Introducing 'The 365 Club™'
(New & Completely Revamped
With Even MORE Value!)
How to Get 50% Off on All of Our CD Programs, Monthly Coaching Calls With Our Top Coach, Access to 400+ Videos, Hour-Long Audio Training Programs, An Exclusive Newsletter, Champion Agent Interviews, and The Champion Tracker™ Give All the Systems a Try For Absolutely NO Cost...

Online Real Estate Training
by Dirk Zeller, 6-time best selling author, nationally acclaimed
speaker, coach, and founder of Real Estate Champions, Inc.

Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
About Dirk

Let me ask you a quick question - "If you could invest literally just a dollar a day in your business to guarantee that you'd increase your revenue this year thousands of times over that tiny investment, would you do it?"

The obvious answer that springs to mind is, "Of course, Dirk!", and that's exactly why the 365 Club was created... to provide you with consistent and up-to-date tools, strategies, and tactics that will help you become, and continue to be a Top Producing Champion Agent in your marketplace.

When you sign up, you'll not only get access to over 400 training videos, but you'll get 50% off on our CD programs, have monthly coaching sessions, and much more. We'll get to all the specifics a little bit further down the page (and how you can access everything for FREE), but first let's quickly go over how exactly you're going to increase your profits with it...

“How 3 to 10-minute Bursts of Training That Address
Exactly What You Need (and When You Need It) Is Scientifically Proven to Increase Your Revenue...”

The thing is - with any endeavour we set out on, we usually have to learn more by maybe buying a book, attending a course, or investing in a program or two - which is great & highly recommended, but there's a problem...

A lot of that knowledge is lost over time and the passion we had when we absorbed the information usually fades. Sound familiar?

But with the 365 Club, you'll have time-tested & frequently updated tactics that Top Producing Agents are using to thrive in today's markets that you'll consistently be able to absorb every single day or whenever you choose to access the site.

I personally have experienced the leaps in production from attending just one seminar or investing in a product - can you just imagine how your skills would improve and how much your business would grow with consistent & up-to-date training that you could access every day?

But don't just take my word for it! The fact that consistent education is the fast track to increased production is not just a theory, it's been proven over and over again. The Mid-June Sales and Management Newsletter produced by conducted a study and discovered that salespeople who are given 3 to 10-minute bursts of instruction & training “that address exactly what they need and when they need it” are statistically far more likely to be successful and achieve higher levels of production.

The concept is known as "nano training" and it's proving to be very effective at increasing the production of salespeople in various organizations.

Now you can take advantage of it in your own business because the 365 Club was based on these very principles, and once you implement it, here are just a few topics you'll learn how to master:

Effective Prospecting
Sales Call Reluctance
Thriving in Changing Markets
Financial Management
Lead Generation
Time Management
Positioning Yourself as the Expert
Creating Referrals
FSBOs and Expireds
Effective Marketing
Keeping Yourself Motivated
Sales Skills
...and much more!

All of the tools, tactics, and strategies you're going to learn in the 365 Club are time-tested, proven, and extremely relevant to today's marketplaces. They are the same tactics that 84% of my clients used to have their best year ever last year, despite the poor market conditions. They are also the same tactics I personally used to sell over 150 homes a year, working only 4 days a week.

It's basically like having your own personal Real Estate expert and you can constantly pick their brain for revenue-boosting ideas in any area of Real Estate! And training is just part of the program...

The 365 Club is essentially broken down into 8 online modules of training and coaching that you can always access 24/7, 365 days a year:

365 Club™ Module 1: Monthly Coaching Calls

  When you sign up, you'll get a monthly coaching call with our head coach here at REC. In the next 3 months we'll be covering 'The Secrets of Mega-Producers', and trust me when I say that you won't want to be missing out on this topic.

These coaching calls are extremely valuable and will cover exactly what the Agents who are selling 80+ homes/year are doing differently than everyone else, and how you can use the same tactics in your own business to become a Mega-Producer yourself.

Many people who have attended these calls would say that the 365 Club is worth joining just for them!

365 Club™ Module 2: Monthly 50% Off on CD Programs!

  When you sign up for the 365 Club, each month you'll be able to invest in one of our highly-acclaimed CD training programs for 50% off!

This benefit can be worth over $200 alone just in the first month of being part of the club! It could also lead to you eventually owning our complete library of training programs so you can truly become a Champion in every part of your Real Estate Practice.

365 Club™ Module 3: The Digital Training Library

  The Digital Training Library is the largest collection of training videos ever assembled for Real Estate Agents. With over 400+ training videos at your disposal (and more being added each month), you'll have all you need to become a Top Producing Champion Agent in your marketplace.

The videos cover a wide range of topics that include: Business Building, Buyer Conversion, FSBOs and Expireds, Lead Generation, Listings, Marketing, Motivation, Objection Handling, Prospecting, Referrals, and more!

365 Club™ Module 4: Video Training

Real Estate Video Training


Each week, you'll receive a new relevant and up-to-date training video that can be easily accessed through your membership page with just a few clicks. These content-heavy training videos will give you a boost of motivation, inspiration, and knowledge that will allow you to improve your skills and start your week down the right path.

The archive goes back to 2006, so you'll be able to access over 50+ videos just on your membership page alone. However, with the inclusion of the Digital Training Library, which you'll read about above, you'll actually have access to over 400+ videos.

365 Club™ Module 5: Audio Training

Real Estate Audio Training

  Each month, you'll receive a new hour-long audio program (.mp3) that is designed to help you improve your skills in the crucial areas of your business. You can also burn these .mp3 files on a CD to listen to away from your computer or in your car. These programs alone are worth over $97 each and you'll have access to over 15 of them right when you sign up!

365 Club™ Module 6: Champion's Corner™ Newsletter

  Every two weeks, you'll receive The Champion's Corner™ Newsletter. This newsletter is the premium version of our regular Coaches Corner™ newsletter, and it allows you to get all the "hot off the streets" articles that aren't available to the general public yet. It also includes Insiders-Only Discount Offers on additional real estate training programs.

365 Club™ Module 7: Champion Agent Interviews

  You'll be able to listen to a new Champion Agent Interview every single month, and they'll give you personal insights into how other Agents (who are now Top Producers) have used the same tools you'll have at your disposal to reach higher levels of production with a better quality of life. This is an extremely insightful tool for your business and you're definitely going to pick up a lot of valuable tips and tricks from some of the biggest producers in Real Estate.

365 Club™ Module 8: Champion Tracker™

Online Real Estate Coaching


The Champion Tracker™ was developed by a team of professional coaches and programmers to deliver an Online Coaching Solution to help Agents achieve Real Estate Success. The Champion Tracker™ provides Goal Setting, Business Planning, Daily Input & Accountability (Goals Vs. Results Reporting), and Key Real Estate Metrics & Tracking.

Delivered conveniently online, you can have access to your numbers and results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world at YOUR convenience. The Champion Tracker™ features include:

Click To Enlarge
A Comprehensive Goal Setting Questionnaire – Simply decide how much income you’d like to make this year, answer 30 questions about your Compensation Plan, Business Mix, Listing Lead Sources, Buyer Lead Sources, Buyer & Listing Lead Activities, and you’re 3 seconds away from having your own ideal Real Estate Success Roadmap.
Click To Enlarge
Automated Business Plan – Once your Goal Setting Questionnaire is complete, one mouse click reveals your Automated Business Plan complete with a custom action plan. Each and every goal you must obtain is calculated and laid out for you. Not only that, but every goal that you have to accomplish is calculated and broken down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. You’ll know EXACTLY what you need to do each and every day in order to make the income that you desire.
Click To Enlarge
Daily Input of Activities – Every Agent knows they should, but very little of them do keep track of their daily activities. Not only should you keep track, but make certain that you are accomplishing the right tasks required to achieve your goals. There’s an old adage that says, “if you fail to plan, then you're planning to fail”, but a new adage for Agents should be that “if you fail to track & control your activities, your activities will take control of your life”.
Click To Enlarge
Goals vs. Results Reporting – Just as tracking your activities is crucial to achieving success, you’ve also got to have a gauge of how you are doing compared to your goals. Goals vs. Results Reports act as an online compass of your Real Estate Success. This tool will help you gauge your progress towards your goals and allow you to make adjustments where they’re needed to ensure that you reach your chosen income goal.
Click To Enlarge
Comprehensive Key Real Estate Metrics Analysis – You’ll gain instant access to a comprehensive list of all of your Key Metrics Data & Analysis. You be able to access Average Sales Price (Buyer & Seller Sides), Listing Lead Source Analysis, Business Mix Analysis, and Listing & Buyer Activity Analysis. Everything you need to know is all in one place.

Now, with all these modules and the extreme amount of value they provide, you could easily expect to pay $100+ a month for a service like this. But because we are truly committed to you achieving greater success in your business, you can now sign up for just $29.95, which equates to only one dollar a day!

And the best part? You don't even have to pay a dime right now...

“Give the Entire Site a Test Drive For a
Full 3 Days Absolutely FREE...”

That's right! You can sign up and try all the videos, audios, and other modules at absolutely no cost for a full 3 days, and you can cancel at any time before you invest only $29.95/month (just 99¢ a day!) . So you have absolutely nothing to lose but the chance to increase your revenue.

So, join me today and get instant access (24/7, 365 days a year) to the most powerful and value-based online Real Estate Training and Coaching on the entire internet...

Note: Make sure that you sign up today because a new coaching call will be taking place every month, and you definitely will not want to miss all of the proven strategies, scripts, and tactics that will be revealed.

To claim your 3-day FREE Test Drive to the 365 Club Platinum™, simply click the button to sign up below:

Take a Free 3-day Test Drive

To Your Achievement of Greater Success,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO

P.S. Remember that you can try the entire site out for 3 days. There is such an incredible amount of value in the 365 Club that I'm confident you'll find it to be an extremely valuable asset in your business that you'll use for many months to come, but if you aren't satisfied, you can always cancel before the 3 days is up (or later on of course). Or you can dig into the material and start increasing your revenue for years to come as it will always continue to be updated with the latest and greatest strategies & tactics. You have nothing to lose but the chance to make more money! Click here to give it a try for free...


Real Estate Training and Coaching

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