“Everything You Need to Know (a Step-by-Step Blueprint) to
Establish a Top Producing Team
, Whether You Already
Have One or Are Just Starting Out...”
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'The Champion Real Estate Team™' Book
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You heard right - there's only 72 copies left, and when I say that, I really mean it. We're now the only people with official copies of the book as it's now out-of-print, and it's going to become rare after this. If you need more information before you order, please read more below, but keep in mind that once these are gone (it could be today or tomorrow) they'll be gone forever - there won't be a reprint!

The Champion Real Estate Team™ takes you to the next level of success that is the key to a successful future if you're in Real Estate Sales... the Real Estate Team!

This book is really a step-by-step blueprint of how to establish a well run, Champion Team. It is packed with how-tos, systems, strategies, and processes and ideas for implementation that will transform your business. Having personally established one of the first multi-assistant teams in my region, I have seen the evolution of Real Estate Teams for over fifteen years.

My experience in applying these strategies in the initial stages of my business, along with the hundreds of other agents' team practices I have coached in the last nearly ten years, has helped create the secrets you're going to learn in the book.

"Must-Read for ANY Agent Considering the Change
From Individual to Team Selling"
"Dirk Zeller’s book The Champion Real Estate Team is a must- read for any real estate agent considering a change in business organization from individual to team selling. The book does an excellent job of describing how one moves from “Champion Agent” to “Champion Team”.

Dirk’s experience as a top producing real estate agent and as a coach of top producing Realtors across the nation is evident as he documents the process of building a productive real estate selling machine. This book does a fantastic job of explaining how to build, train and coach a highly efficient Real Estate Team.

Whether you are new to a team selling environment or are interested in information about how to improve the effectiveness of an existing team… this is the book for you!"

Dave Perry
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Buffalo, Minnesota

The Champion Real Estate Team™, is written with the same perspective as my previous book, The Champion Real Estate Agent™. It is written to reveal the pathway and steps to take to reach the pinnacle of real estate sales through a team. You'll find out exactly what it takes to reach the peak in real estate sales by leveraging your efforts through a team.

"More Time Off, More Income, and Better Quality of Life"

There's four distinct parts in the book. The first part closes the gap between Champion Agent and Champion Team. It really takes a quick look at you first. It also goes into the how, where, and why of building a Champion Team. The second part takes dead aim at designing your team, hiring and monitoring the people, and training both your administrative staff and sales staff members. This section is where most agents fail when trying to increase their business and quality of life through teams.

You might want to read this section multiple times! In part three, we explore different strategies and tactics for lead generation and lead conversion when using a team structure. The creation, conversion, and monitoring of the cause and effect relationship between the leads that are created and the revenue generated is paramount to the success of your team.

The final part takes your team to the Champion level. It digs deep to find the "secret" that separates marginally performing teams from Champion Performing Teams. You can build a good team without this section, but you can't build a great team. Your ability to achieve the level of Champion Team will enable you to achieve more time off, more income, and better quality of life. You will also be building an asset that can be sold!

"Build an Asset That Can Be Sold!"

Chapter 1: "The Champion Team's Business" addresses the history of real estate teams. We explore the positive and negative aspects of a team. You'll learn how to establish your first model for building your real estate team, and discover the right questions to ask so you will know the size and scope of your ideal team structure.

Chapter 2: "First You and Then Them" explodes the myth that more is better; only better is better. If you think you can hire a bunch of people and put your feet up . . . think again! We go deep into how to improve your odds of success and how to use the four proven paths to increase production. Before you build a team, you must look honestly at yourself.

Chapter 3: "What is a Champion Team" identifies the business vision for your company. It examines the core values, core purpose, and envisioned future of your team. We probe the six characteristics of Champion Teams, so you can establish those attributes in your team.

"Core Values, Core Purpose, and Envisioned Future of Your Team"

Chapter 4: "Three Steps to Building Your Ideal Team " focuses you on developing written clarity to your long-term goals and team structure. You will select your most important positions, establish the order for hiring them, step clear of the hurdles, and take action on your plan.

"Incredible Resource for ALL Real Estate Agents..."
"Wow! What an incredible resource for all real estate agents who are even thinking about forming a Team, as well as for agents who currently have a team and are trying to cope with all the challenges! This book is packed with practical information; I wish it had been available as I built my Team."

Missy Vanderbilt
Former RE/MAX Top 100 in the U.S.
Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Chapter 5: "Designing the Positions and Hiring the Players " looks at each step of the hiring process from ads you run to attract applicants to interviews in person and over the phone. We also look at the trend of the family business in real estate and how to make it work for all parties.

Book is Now Out-of-Print - Get It Now
With Your Bonuses for Just $9.99
(40% Discount)

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There's Only 72 Copies Left!


Chapter 6: "I Hired Them . . . Now What " focuses on the training and monitoring of yourself and your team members. I share with you a checklist for training, to do lists, meetings, telephone procedures, job responsibilities, communication strategies, etc. This is a chapter you will want to devour over and over.

Chapter 7: "Expanding Your Sales Team" looks at the potential sales or revenue creating positions on your team. It covers the when, where, how, and who of hiring to increase sales. It explains, in detail, how to establish a fair compensation structure for your sales team and yourself.

Chapter 8: "Using Assessments to Improve Your Odds" aids you in understanding why all the large companies use assessments to make better employee hires. You will learn solid techniques and be given resources that can be used to increase the odds of success dramatically. For most teams, staff turn-over is a huge expense.

"Hiring, Training, and Setting Performance Standards"

Chapter "Hiring Buyer's Agents " evaluates the use, hiring practices, and techniques of buyer's agents. You'll learn the three key evaluations when hiring a buyer's agent. We will also cover the differences and pros/cons of hiring new versus experienced agents as buyer's agents. When most agents think of a real estate team, they think of an agent who has buyer's agents. You won't want to miss this chapter.

Chapter 10: "Training the Buyer's Agent" explores how to create an exceptionally performing and highly trained buyer's agent. Not only do are the steps for training revealed, but the book will help you avoid the biggest mistakes agents make when training buyer's agents.

Chapter "Setting Performance Standards" delves into establishing benchmarks, goals, and standards for your team. You'll discover the systems and strategies to get the best performance out of each member on your team.

"Tried and True Lead Generation Techniques"

Chapter 12: "Tried and True Lead Generation Techniques" takes a focused look at the ad call, sign call, and open house world of lead generation. These should bring in significant revenue for you and your team but rarely do because the systems, scripts, and strategies of most teams are faulty. You'll learn the most advanced techniques to increase your conversion rate dramatically.

"Covered Details and Costs I'd Never Considered Before...
Will Save Me Lots of Time and Headaches!"
"LOVED IT! The book was full of lots of information and direction on building my team, especially in covering details and costs that I had never even considered before! I'm sure it will be saving me lots of time and headaches while building my team this year. Thanks Dirk!"

Susan Donnelly
The Susan Donnelly Team
Keller Williams Realty
North Granby, CT

Chapter 13: "Using Technology to Generate Leads" is based on years of using technology to increase lead volume in the teams I have coached. Find out how to increase your leads through the internet, interactive voice response, and voice broadcast mediums.

Chapter 14: "Generating Leads Through Live Events" deals with the many types of live events you can hold to increase your leads. The book coaches you through buyer seminars, investment seminars, and client events (the most preferred type of event). You will also learn to set an effective agenda as well as select the right affinity partners to help you deliver more value and defer some of the costs.

"Turning Leads Into Dollars"

Chapter 15: "Turning Leads into Dollars" gives you a master's degree in lead follow-up, lead categorization, and lead conversion. Learning to create more leads is easier than managing and converting leads well. You will learn the secrets of a Champion Team's high conversion ratios on leads.

Chapter 16: "Effective Marketing Strategies for the Team" enables you to create a larger than life image for you and your team. Giving you these core marketing messages and techniques to position yourself as the expert will transform your business. Teaching you to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats allows you to refine your marketing message to dominate the competition.

Chapter 17: "Your Team Members Must Master the Telephone" instructs you through one of the most difficult challenges for any sales organization . . . the telephone. You will learn to demonstrate your value and the team's value within ten seconds of your initial phone call.

"How to Build a HIGH Performance Team"

Chapter 18: "Building High Performance Teams " reveals how to establish a "play to the limit" culture in your team. You will learn the difference between education, training, and coaching, so you can increase your coaching and increase the results for your team.

"Will Drastically Improve My Quality of Life and the
Profitability of My Real Estate Team"
"Thanks for letting me have a sneak preview of your new book – The Champion Real Estate Team. The tools and insight you present are unparallel in the Real Estate industry. Many other books talk about how to be successful as a Real Estate agent and since beginning my Real Estate career in 1987 I have probably read most of them. However, in my opinion no book until now has truly and properly framed what it takes to build and run a successful and highly profitable Real Estate team.

Today there are more Real Estate teams than ever before. More than likely their production accounts for the vast majority of Real Estate transactions nationwide. Yet, there is a definite void in the industry on how to do it right in regards to a Real Estate team. Your book more than fills the void. It gives a complete and concise road map on operating a Real Estate team with specific guidance for each team member.

Unfortunately, many teams have been operating like a sail boat without a broken rudder 30 miles offshore. The Champion Real Estate book if implemented will drastically improve quality of life and profitability of my Real Estate Team. The $25 investment is minuscule!

Yet another book well done, Dirk!"

Craig Gaudry, CRS
Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.
Kirkland, WA

It is without question that this book will become the premier resource for you in building your team or raising the performance of your team. You will find the need to come back to it again and again to re-harvest the knowledge contained inside as it is designed to be a resource for your whole real estate career.

"A Premier Resource for Everyone Building a Team"

The pathway to the Champion Level begins with the first step. Your first step could mean that you get your copy of this book today by clicking the order button...

You'll Get:
'The Champion Real Estate Team™' Book
If you order now, you'll also get instant online access (right after you order) to Dirk Zeller's 3+ hour interactive training program, "Becoming a Champion Agent in a Changing Marketplace!" [$167.00 Value] for FREE.

Book is Now Out-of-Print - Get It Now
With Your Bonuses for Just $9.99
(40% Discount)

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There's Only 72 Copies Left!



To Your Success,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO

P.S. Remember that there's only 72 left and there won't be a reprint - click here for your book & bonuses (before they're all gone)...

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