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Dirk is widely known as the premier personal coach to high achievers who want to maintain high production and have a balanced life too.
During his career as a top producing RE/MAX Agent, Dirk consistently averaged 150 transactions a year while only working 4 days a week. He is a prolific author whose
writings include the best selling book “Your 1st Year in Real Estate”. Dirk is highly sought after internationally, as a personal coach, LIVE trainer and motivational speaker.
Dirk Zeller
Our CEO, Dirk Zeller, is recognized as the premier coach for the real estate industry. He has developed a system that takes "regular" Agents and "regular" Managers and transforms them into Champion Agents and Managers.

Many trainers, speakers, and coaches in real estate have never had the success in real estate that is necessary to understand it. There are even a few training companies that are lead by speakers and coaches that have never sold real estate ever! Would you take golf lessons from someone who has never swung the club? Why would you want a coach or trainer that has never sold real estate?

Our first commitment to our clients is that they will always receive training and techniques that are proven, tested, and work to improve their business and life. Our training and techniques are built on success, not theory.

Our coaching systems are built around Dirk's incredible success in the 90's as one of the top Agents in all of North America. We also integrate the proven techniques of our clients that are increasing their business annually upward of 300%!

Our second commitment is unlike most coaching companies, our clients always receive a coach or trainer that had a very successful real estate sales career to guide them. No other company in real estate coaching will give you that level of commitment!

As an Agent that rose to the top of the real estate field quickly, Dirk Zeller has been on a meteoric rise since he began his career in 1990.

Through out his real estate career Dirk was recognized numerous times as one of the leading Agents in North America.

Dirk has been described by many industry insiders as the most successful Agent in terms of high production with life balance. Prior to his real estate career, Dirk was a professional racquetball player for four years. Through one-on-one racquetball competition he forged a winning attitude and winning habit. Dirk's competitive strategies on the racquetball court translated to big success in selling real estate.

The creation and perfection of The Four-day Workweek Sales Success System™ has been Dirk's passion. Having poured tremendous amounts of time and resources into this system, true-life balance is now a reality for Agents. Dirk is teaching, speaking, and coaching Agents internationally to massive increases in production while attaining life balance. This quality and balance of life is the focus of his company, Real Estate Champions.

Dirk has created revolutionary programs for the real estate and sales industry.

The "Stewardship Selling System Program™" has shaped a whole new dynamic in consumer focused selling.

The "Survival Sales Training™" gives sales people the skills to survive and thrive in any sales environment.

His "Achieve Championship Performance Program™" breaks down championship performance to an easy to implement process for everyone because Everyone Deserves To Be a Champion™!

His "Successful Selling In Tough Times And Tough Marketplaces™" program prepares your sales staff for eventual changes in the marketplace before they happen.

Dirk is one of the most published authors in success and sales training in the real estate industry with over 200 published articles to his credit. His Coaches Corner weekly newsletter has over 200,000 subscribers. His "Your 1st Year In Real Estate" book is most widely read "how to" book for beginning Agents.

The company was founded to provide real tools and strategies that real estate Agents and Managers can use to increase their wealth in their business and personal life.

Besides contributing to the Realtor® community, Dirk and his wife of twelve years, Joan, are very active in their church. They continue to live the four-day workweek life style with their infant son, Wesley, in Bend, Oregon.

Because of Dirk's ability to train others to peak levels of performance, he has created a team of professionals who possess creativity, experience, and passion, thus making Real Estate Champions the ultimate real estate coaching company.

Our coaches have all reached top levels of performance in the real estate arena. They have all been where you want to go.

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