If you're ready to convert more buyers, sell more of your listing inventory, lower your frustrations, increase your confidence, and ultimately increase your income in today's changing markets when other Agents are struggling, it's time you find out...

"How to Use Proven and Powerful Scripts, Dialogues, Tools, and Strategies to Streamline Your Business and Sales Skills to Increase Your Income in Today's Changing Markets..."

by Dirk Zeller, 6-time best selling author, nationally acclaimed
speaker, coach, and founder of Real Estate Champions, Inc.

Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am
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Dear Champion Agent,

There's obviously no doubt that most of today's markets have changed for the worst... and the truth is, when markets change, so do the strategies and scripts Agents should be using to grow their businesses.

So what's the problem? Most Agents I see are continuing to use the same tactics they used when their markets were up, only to wonder why they're getting lackluster results!

The truth is, the best Agents are the ones who are 100% prepared and can adapt to any kind of market to increase their incomes when other Agents are struggling to stay afloat. When there's a down market, they open up their tool kit of proven scripts, tools, and strategies to make the most out of the situation. (I'll show you how you can do the same as you continue to read the rest of the page...)

These Agents know that there is a different way to communicate with buyers and sellers in different market conditions, and specific strategies to use that will separate them from the rest of the crowd so they can actually take advantage of a down market.

We have some serious issues in today's markets: Sellers are still clinging to the old market pricing and not willing to price their properties competitively, the negative media has replaced the Agent as the main source of real estate information, inventory is high and urgency is low in buyers, etc.

So what's one of the best ways you can overcome these issues and take advantage of a changing market when most Agents are struggling? Proven and effective scripts and dialogues...

Scripts - The Streamlined Solution For You to Achieve Consistent Positive Results That You Can Count On Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly For Almost Every Situation You'll Encounter As An Agent in Today's Markets...
IF You Have the Right Ones That Is...”

Now, if you've ever read one of my books or invested in a program or two, you'll probably know that I'm a huge advocate of scripts. Why? Well, once you have the right scripts in place, it works like magic. There's simply no more guesswork involved!

They allow you to achieve consistent positive results that you can track and count on everytime you jump on a call or face a difficult situation... and that is more important now than ever in these changing markets.

Scripts are by far one of the most requested items here at Real Estate Champions, and it's easy to see why. They are truly a turnkey way to boost your income, and if you have the proper ones in place for today's markets, you'll become absolutely unstoppable against your competition.

With that said, it amazes me how many Agents still don't use scripts! They may think scripts will either make them sound "canned", or maybe sound like a robot with no personality. So what do they do? They wing it almost everytime.

Now don't get me wrong, there are definitely good and bad scripts... and just as important, good and bad ways to deliver those scripts. You know what I mean - we've all had the call at 8 P.M. from the telephone solicitor who sounds like they are reading from a cue card with no emotion whatsoever.

Those people are simply not well scripted! They haven't practiced, rehearsed, or internalized the scripts so that they come out naturally.

“How to Convert Prospects at a Much Higher Level, Build Urgency in Buyers So They Will Make a Decision and
Act NOW, and Convince Sellers to Price Their Homes
Competitively to Get More Of Your Inventory SOLD...”

Bad scripts delivered in a robotic sort of way will definitely put you on the fast track toward failure with prospects, just as they do with most telephone solicitors as I mentioned above.

However, scripts that have been proven time and time again to produce positive results, delivered with power, enthusiasm, conviction, and authority will allow you to convert prospects at a much higher level, build urgency in buyers so they will make a decision and act NOW, and convince sellers to price their homes competitively to get more of your inventory SOLD, and improve your results in many other situations.

There are many segments of your business that should be scripted, including your opening statements, your specific service descriptions, and your closing remarks. If you wing everything, you are opening yourself up for unpredictable and potentially devastating results. Why not have everything prepared that you know will work?

Example: It's almost like saying a surgeon should "wing it" everytime they perform a surgery they've done before. You or I would not want to be in that operating room! The best surgeons have obviously developed precise steps and processes they go through to perform a successful appendectomy for the 500th time. They don't switch it up. Neither does the 747 pilot who knows exactly what he is going to say and do to prepare for a landing or take off.

We as Real Estate Agents need to also develop that same level of professionalism and knowledge in our businesses - but how can you develop the scripts that will be most effective?

“What If You Had Access to Proven Scripts That Have
Been Perfected Over Years of Trial and Error By
Some of the Biggest Top Producing Agents?
What Would You Be Able to Achieve?”

Instead of developing effective scripts through years of trial and error, what if you had access to only the most effective and powerful ones that have been perfected over years of hard work by Top Producing Agents?

Well, here at Real Estate Champions, we've worked with some of the biggest Top Producers in the country, and I've personally sold over 150 homes a year consistently. Needless to say, we have a large collection of effective scripts, tools, and strategies for all market conditions that have been perfected for over 10 years.

So after the many requests we've received for a scripts-heavy program, and the serious need for Agents to implement them into their businesses to overcome today's challenges, I'm excited to announce...

'Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues
in a Changing Marketplace™'

by Dirk Zeller, 6-time best selling author, nationally acclaimed
speaker, coach, and founder of Real Estate Champions, Inc.

Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues in a Changing Marketplace

"Proven and Powerful Scripts, Dialogues, Tools, Charts, and Strategies
For You to Streamline Your Business and Sales Skills to Increase
Your Income in Today's Changing Marketplaces...

With 15+ pages of scripts for both buyers and sellers, a 60+ page workbook full of tools, charts, graphs, strategies, and around 4 hours of in-depth audio training and instruction, this program is going to give you exactly what you need to streamline your business for increased income and commissions in today's changing marketplaces.

Each script, tool, and strategy has been developed over 10+ years in the real world and proven to generate top-producing results. There will be no trial and error on your part!

The problems that I mentioned before: Sellers are still clinging to the old market pricing and not willing to price their properties competitively, the negative media has replaced the Agent as the main source of real estate information, inventory is high and urgency is low in buyers, etc. will all be solved in this program for you.

You'll be able to get price reductions the night of the listing, go back to your inventory and get it priced correctly so you can get a majority of it SOLD, build urgency in buyers in markets where inventory is high and urgency is low, and much more... all through the aid of powerful scripts, dialogues, and strategies you can begin implementing in your business right away.

In This Program, You'll Learn: (Includes Scripts, Dialogues, Charts, Tools, and Advanced/Detailed Strategies...)

  How to Build Urgency in Buyers to Get Them to Make a Decision and Act NOW in Markets Where Inventory is High and Urgency is Low - Save Time and Frustration
  Improve the Quality and Quantity of the Leads You Generate From Your Lead Sources: Ad Calls, Sign Calls, Internet Leads, Open House Leads, Etc.
  How to Convince Stubborn Sellers to Price Their Homes Competitively to Get a Majority of Your Inventory SOLD
  How to Overcome the Negative Media Influence and Create Realistic Expectations in Buyers and Sellers
  The 5 Step System to Price Reductions: How to Save Time, Effort, and Frustration by Getting Reductions the Day of the Presentation
  How to Save Time By Separating Non-Qualified and Low-Urgency Buyers and Sellers From the Ones Who Will Actually Generate You a Commission Check
  The Business Production Listings-on-Hand Form: Find Out the Truth About Your Inventory and Odds of Sales. Ensure that You Have Regular Sales From Your Inventory.
  Detailed Rules for Taking/Keeping Over-Priced Listings
  ...and MUCH More! Many More Topics Are Included Than Listed Above. Includes Proven & Extremely Effective Scripts, Dialogues, Charts, Tools, Advanced/Detailed Strategies...
Here's what you'll receive in 'Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues in a Changing Marketplace™':
  • 4 CDs (~4 Hours) of In-Depth Audio Training and Instruction by Dirk Zeller [$197 Value]
  • 60+ Page CD-ROM Workbook [$97 Value]
    • 15+ Pages of Buyer and Seller Scripts You Can Implement Right Away
    • Tools, Charts, Graphs, and Advanced/Detailed Strategies
To Your Achievement of Success in Today's Marketplaces,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO

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