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The three large problems that exist in most real estate offices:

  1. Communication
  2. Team Building
  3. Time Management

There are sub-categories underneath each of these big needs areas:

  1. Communication
    1. Customer service
    2. Recruiting agents
    3. Retention of agents

  2. Team Building
    1. Setting and articulating compelling visions and getting the right people
      in the right places.
    2. Coaching them to peak performance.

  3. Time Management
    1. How to set the values so time management is easy
    2. How to properly select the priorities
    3. How to actually implement and use time blocking
    4. Access does not equate to customer service

Communication -
  1. Customer Service: The customer defines great customer service. It’s an individual definition.
    1. We teach how to find out the definition of the client.
    2. How to determine which of the 5 client types they fit into.
    3. How to determine a client’s behavioral style so that you can maximize communication.
    4. How to disengage from the problem client.

  2. Recruitment of Agents: If you gain a high level of skill in this your other weak areas will be less pronounced.
    1. The ideal Agent profile by both behaviorally and attitudes and values.
    2. What are the “top gun” Agents looking for in a company?
    3. What are the wannabe’s looking for in a company?
    4. The 7 steps to a powerful recruiting system.

  3. Retention of Agents: Retention is a process not an event. We clearly understand why Agents stay and go. We often get them as clients just before they leave or just after they arrive at a new company.
    1. The 5 main reasons the “top gun” Agents move.
    2. The solutions to the reasons.
    3. How to build loyalty with your Agents.

Team Building -
Nothing was ever accomplished by one singular individual event; even The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Building a high performance team is essential to success.
  1. Setting and articulating a compelling vision:
    1. You need more than a mission statement.
    2. The power of core values and a core purpose.
    3. How to ensure the buy in your team (either staff or Agents).

  2. Selecting the right people and getting them in the right place:
    1. Determine the values and behavioral style ideally suited for each position.
    2. How to effectively screen for success.

  3. Coaching to peak performance:
    1. The fundamentals of coaching.
    2. How to develop a coaching model.
    3. The 4 types of coaching

Time Management -
The biggest challenge for most professionals is not ability or skill; it is the mastery of time. Without mastery of time you can’t raise your ability, skill or quality of life with your family.
  1. How to get values so time management is easy:
    1. Selecting core values.
    2. Starting with the end in mind.
    3. Have your own personal tournament.

  2. Setting the priorities:
    1. The power of Pareto Principle.
    2. What is the one thing that only you can do?

  3. How to actually implement and use the Time Block method

  4. Access does not equate to customer service:
    1. How to control the client relationship.
    2. How to build value and credibility on your side of the ledger.

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