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Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Dear Champion Agent,

We all know that leads are the fuel that our businesses run on, and as I often say, "leads are our lifeblood".

Each lead is the first step toward a successful and rewarding relationship that can bloom into dozens of quality referrals for your business... that is, if you have the right systems in place (continue reading down the page to find out how).

Are you frustrated that you aren't generating and converting as many leads as you could be? What if I told you that you could be generating up to 50% more leads than you are right now, and you could also significantly increase how many you convert to clients?

“How Even Top Producing Agents Are Letting Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Slip
Right Through Their Fingers in the
Lead Generation Arena...”

You see, that's the problem - with the great importance and opportunity that leads possess, everyday I see experienced and even top producing Agents falling far short of what they could be achieving, and letting literally hundreds of thousands of dollars slip right through their fingers in the lead generation arena.

Maybe you have plenty of leads, but you don't have the systems and scripts in place to convert a high percentage of them on a consistent basis. Or, maybe you are great at grabbing clients once you get them face-to-face, but simply don't have enough bonafide leads in your pipeline to drive enough of them to appointments. Maybe you're great at both!

No matter what situation you're in, I would place a bet that you could be generating 15%, 25%, even 50% more leads than you are currently, and you could be converting significantly more of them to clients committed to working with you exclusively.

Please honor me with a few minutes of your time and hear me out. Trust me, it'll be well worth it...

“How a Personal Client of Mine DOUBLED His Business by Increasing the Conversion on
His Leads by Only a Few Percent...”

What do you think makes an Agent truly successful when it comes to leads? Well, I've seen some of the most productive Agents in the U.S. find success simply because of the sheer number of leads they were able to generate. If they want to grow their business, what's their solution? More leads.

However, one thing that they usually don't focus on is the conversion of those leads. In most cases their conversion rates are absolutely horrible!

The truth is, if they focused not just on the amount of leads they are generating, but on the sales skills, systems, scripts, and strategies for lead conversion, they could get a higher level of production with a significantly less amount of leads.

For example, take a look at this case study of a client of mine from a few years back:

Case Study #173-09 : Agent “C”
testimonial Location: Ontario, Canada
Number of Buyer Leads Captured: 4,235
Lead to Interview Conversion
: 7%
Number of Buyer Interviews Conducted: 279 Interview to Closing Ratio: 61%
Number of Closed Transactions: 170

At the time of my research, this client of mine had 4,235 buyer leads that his team captured. Of those leads, they were successful in getting 279 Buyer Interviews, and of the 279 Buyer Interviews, there were about 170 transactions - or 61% conversion.

Do you see where there's some tremendous opportunity for change?

If you said the Lead to Interview Conversion (7%), you're absolutely right!

By simply increasing the conversion of the 4,235 leads captured by only a few percent, we double the amount of business from the same number of leads.

That’s exactly what we did… and you can do it as well...

Can you imagine what you'd achieve if you had the ability to generate not only a larger amount of leads, but if you had the exact scripts and sales skills to convert those leads at a significantly higher rate?

You could possibly DOUBLE your current business right now, just like my client did in the case study above.

How exactly can you do it? Well, the key is to not re-invent the wheel through years of trial and error, but to use the exact same strategies and tactics that have already been developed and perfected by top producing Agents.

The problem is, a lot of Agents just "wing it" when they meet with prospects. If you do this, you are opening yourself up for all sorts of problems. You'll have inconsistent results, a lot of stress, and you'll never be able to properly track your numbers.

However, once you have the right scripts and systems in place that have been proven to convert prospects at a high rate, you can use them over and over again to achieve the same positive results. With a few tweaks here and there, you'll continue to increase your conversion, and you'll never have to experience the frustration that goes along with not knowing the right thing to say. It's like clockwork!

Here at Real Estate Champions, we've spent 15 years perfecting the most powerful and effective lead generation and conversion strategies, tactics, scripts, and systems that have taken hundreds of Agents' businesses to the Champion Level.

These proven strategies are not only based on my own success as an individual Agent selling over 150 homes a year while working only 4 days a week, but of hundreds of our clients, some of which are the most productive Agents in North America.

Each week we'll spend 1 hour (live and from the comfort of your own home or office) together where we will take you through everything you need to know about how to increase your lead volume and the conversion rate of your leads.

The great thing about this series is that it's not just training, it's coaching with true accountability. As I've mentioned many times before, accountability is the key ingredient that many Agents lack in their businesses, and with this series, you'll have a level of accountability that will allow you to track your numbers and see how much you are progressing every single week.

How does it work? Each of the 8 audio/visual sessions will take place in our online virtual classroom, and you can join from the comfort of your own home or office.

With each session, you'll receive a comprehensive workbook full of scripts, tools, tactics, and advanced systems that we'll be covering in detail each week.

At the end of the 8 weeks, you'll be an absolute master at lead generation, lead conversion, and time management. You'll have the skills necessary to generate and convert significantly more leads than a vast majority of your competition.

When you sign up for the 'Jumpstart Your Production™' Coaching Series, we will walk you through, step-by-step, the secrets to:

Successfully Mastering Your Time:

Learn the Time Management Skills, Tactics, and Tools that are Crucial for Any Serious Salesperson and Business Owner
How to Increase the DIPA or Direct Income Producing Activities in Your Daily Routine to See Quick and Dramatic Increases in Your Income
How to Decrease the PSA or Production Supporting Activities in Your Schedule that Bog You Down from Truly Achieving Your Goals

The ABC's of Lead Categorization:

Develop a Systematic Lead Categorization System for Your Business
Learn the Seven Rules of Lead Follow-up to Quickly Separate Good Leads from the Bad
How to Track Your Lead Inventory Numbers
Learn the Three Key Factors for a Quality Lead that Will Save You From Wasting Large Amounts of Your Time, Effort, and Energy
How to Determine the DNA2 to Properly Qualify a Prospect

Raising Your Value Through Marketplace Knowledge:

How to Move Beyond Bonding and Rapport to Trust With Your Clients
How to Use Market Knowledge to Instantly Establish Credibility and Trust
How to Position Yourself as the Expert Through Market Trends Reports

Dramatically Increasing Your Lead Volume and Lead Quality:

Learn the Essential Prospecting Rules for Success that Every Agent MUST Know
Establish Your Lead Triad for Maximum Results
Determining Your Sales Ratios of Contacts to Leads, Appointments, Closings, and Revenue

Establishing a Powerful Lead Follow-up System:

Working With the Seven Second Rule
How to Build Urgency in a Prospect to Get Them to Act NOW
How to Use Powerful Opening Statements to Draw in Prospects
Learn Specific Tactics and Scripts for Getting Prospects Face-to-Face
How to Conquer Appointment Objections and Stalls

Creating Explosive Referral Strategies:

Creating a 45 Day After-the-Close Strategy
Integrating the Platinum Client Profile System™
Upgrading the Referral to Improve Your Odds

...and Much More!

I'm 100% confident that 'Jumpstart' will transform your business, which is why I'm offering this rock-solid personal guarantee:

Here's my personal guarantee to you: Sign up today, attend the first session, and if you aren't completely convinced that the series will help you dramatically grow your business, I'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked! You can even keep your bonuses and workbook.

With that said, what do you have to lose but the chance to dramatically grow your business and increase your income? Absolutely nothing! I'm taking all of the risk for you. All you have to do is sign up and attend the first session completely risk-free.

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