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The Mark of a Great Coach

Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Coaching or Training - There is a vast difference between education, training, and coaching. Many companies that profess to be coaching companies are actually education and training companies. While some may offer limited coaching services that address certain aspects of the business, most do NOT provide a “true” or complete coaching solution.

The Mark of a Great Coach - A great coach possesses the ability to cause an individual to excel, to become more successful than they think they are capable of being. Specifically, they help individuals align their vision, mindset, goals, activities, and actions with a workable plan that fits them personally. Then, they help the individual execute the plan – guiding them step-by-step through the implementation process and providing accountability systems to assure they raise their game to Championship Levels.

When I founded Real Estate Champions, my vision was to create and build a TRUE coaching organization that delivers a TOTAL coaching solution to fit the specific and individual needs of our clients. That vision has never been about being the biggest company . . . only about being the BEST and most complete coaching option available in the industry.

The One-On-One Coaching System

“If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you
can accomplish in your lives.” - Vince Lombardi, Legendary Football Coach

Athletes, entertainers, and performers of all kinds know the value of coaching. A good coach can make the difference between mediocre performance and outstanding success. The principle is at work in the business world, too. With business opportunities at stake, more and more ambitious leaders are choosing to work in tandem with professional coaches to learn how to scale the heights of their chosen field.

Personal Performance Coaching is one of the only programs in the nation to provide individualized training to the producers and production leaders of the real estate sales industry.

This intimate, custom-designed coaching program has been created to serve successful Real Estate Agents who are ambitious for growth and greater success in this competitive and fast changing market. This program is designed for the select few who have the desire, willingness, and commitment required to become Champions.

What is Personal Coaching?

The Program

Designed for minimum demand on your busy schedule and maximum impact on your business, the program is conducted by correspondence and telephone. An in-depth diagnostic questionnaire and personal behavior test serve as the foundation for mapping your personal success plan during 2 initial hour-long coaching conference calls. We have found through our tracking and research, that each of the behavioral styles has a “power zone” of skills that they need their business built around.

One-on-one coaching calls take place bi-weekly over a period of twelve months. Your personal coach will follow up with written Action Plans from each meeting and instructions for completing and submitting goal-specific tasks and exercises. This individualized coaching, planning, and accountability format will give you what it takes to become the champion you want to be.

All of this leads us to jointly building an Agent’s ideal business. We create a coaching blueprint that outlines the business and personal changes the client needs to embrace:

Coaching Blueprint

Business Management System

Most agents have little hope of “true” financial wealth in real estate because there is no business management system. They have effectively bought a job, but they fail to realize that they are now the CEO of a multi-million dollar sales organization.

  • Establish a Vision for your business and Life
  • Establish a Business Plan for repeatable results
  • Understand the numbers every Realtor should know
  • Create Strategies for Marketing
  • Maximize your profits

Activity Management System

All agents want more consistency in their income, but they haven’t made the mental link between the activities they do and the results they want. If you want more consistency of income, what consistent activities are you willing to commit to?

  • Create the link between action and results
  • Establish personalized business plan with a specific agenda
  • Establish accountability systems to measure your activities
  • Understand the sales ratios in your business

Time Management System

Most agents have little hope of “true” financial wealth in real estate because there is no business management system. They have effectively bought a job, but they fail to realize that they are now the CEO of a multi-million dollar sales organization.

  • Determine your hourly rate and track it
  • Raise income level to $100/hr. or above (if not already there)
  • Create a Time-Blocking Schedule
  • Create a T-Chart with High vs. Low Payoff activities
  • Complete a Task Analysis

Personal Management System

The ultimate goal is to lead agents to responsibility and self-discipline; to teach them that discipline is the toll that is required to solve life’s problems. We are not trying to create a dependant relationship, but an empowered person and an empowered relationship between the client and the coach. The five tools of self discipline are:

  • Delayed Gratification
  • Skill of Taking the Time
  • Skill of Taking Responsibility
  • Dedication to Reality
  • Balancing - Flexibility

The System

DISC Assessment: Evaluate your behavioral style and learn about the styles of others. This is so critical because when you can really understand where the other person is coming from, you hold the key to better communication – and better results!

Coaching Workbook: The Real Estate Coaching Workbook is your “success road map” and includes all the tools you will need in your coaching sessions.

Coaching Clients’ Login: From our Client Only Website, you can access a greater database of articles and streaming audio clips that are not available to the general public. You will also find tools and information for agents of all levels.

365 Club™: The 365 Club™ is a revolutionary training program where members receive online audio, video, and even tele-seminar training. Each week you will be able to access new content in the secure area.

PowerShots™: This extra benefit is a weekly recorded message of motivation techniques and inspiration by Dirk Zeller to help you get your week started off right.

Champion Performer Series™: Dirk leads a monthly tele-seminar for all coaching clients. This call is about an hour in length and takes place on the second Monday of each month.

We Get Results

The Statistics

Our program is the most tested and successful in the industry. We have been using our program for over eight years with proven Agent results.

Performance increase averages for Agents:

  1. Annual GCI increase in excess of $100,000
  2. Number of listings taken increased 52%
  3. Number of buyer controlled sales increased 23%
  4. Time worked by Agents reduced 14%

We have four separate customizable programs under the coaching banner. No other company can customize coaching to behavioral style, production level, and skill base of the Agent.

What our past clients have to say

“Commissions exploded from $265,000 to $607,000”
"I have been in two other coaching programs without the significant results I was looking for. Because I wanted to go to the next level, I felt the need to do something different. After working with my coach at Real Estate Champions for nine months, I exploded my commissions earned from $265,000 to $607,000. I am on track to do over $1,000,000 this year. Real Estate Champions has changed my career and my life."

Julie Boyd-Elrod
Exit Realty
Winter Park, FL

“Income went up over $150,000 last year”
"Real Estate Champions’ systems and techniques have transformed my business. I used to work mainly with buyers; in fact, over 60% of my business was buyers. Now over 80% of my business is listings, and my income went up over $150,000 last year."

Kim Heddinger
Windermere of Lane County

This program is not only extremely advanced, it's also so easy to implement that it would be difficult for you NOT to make money with it! I know firsthand, and so do thousands of other Real Estate Agents just like you and me.

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