"Successful Time Management
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How to Get More Time Off, Reduce Your Stress,
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Effectively Managing Your Time...

Successful Time Management for Dummies
Authored by Dirk Zeller, 5-time best selling author, nationally acclaimed
speaker, coach, and founder of Real Estate Champions, Inc.

Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am
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Dear Champion Agent,

There's a very important answer to a question that can truly determine your level of success or failure, not only in Real Estate, but in your entire life. The question is, "What is your most important asset?" Do you know the answer?

The answer is... your time!

Time is the only resource we have that can't be borrowed, bought, or bartered to acquire more. Some of us have more money, more skills, greater knowledge, and maybe more energy, but none of us have more time than anyone else. We all have exactly 86,400 seconds in each day, and if we don't use them, we lose them forever!

“How to Have More Time Off, Significantly Less Stress, and
the Ability to Achieve Even Your Boldest Goals...”

With that said, it is absolutely crucial that we know how to manage this asset wisely, as it literally impacts every aspect of our life.

Once you discover how to properly manage your time, it will bring incredible rewards, not only in your income, but in how your entire life is structured. You'll have more time off, significantly less stress, and you'll have the ability to achieve even your boldest goals.

“How a Client of Mine Increased Her GCI by Over $300,000
in 2007 by Working Less than 42 Hours a Week,
and Always Taking Weekends Off...”

For example, I have a great coaching client in Eugene, Oregon who I've worked with for many years now. Although she has a small team, she achieves a higher net profit than over 95% of her competitors with significantly larger teams!

In 2004, she increased her income by a whopping 119%. She added another $80,000 in 2005 for a 42% increase. In 2006, another 35%. When 2007 ended, she had exploded her GCI with an added $300,000.

Now, other Agents do achieve these numbers, but there's a key difference - she works less than 42 hours a week, and always takes weekends off. What does she attribute a majority of her success to? The skill of time management. Too often I see Agents literally become slaves to their businesses, and their personal life is torn to shreds in the process.

The proper management of your time is the key to achieving both significant increases in your income and a balanced personal life with more time off, and when you purchase 'Successful Time Management for Dummies®', you'll learn, in detail, the secrets to achieving both.

You'll learn how to better your organizational habits, discipline, systemization, goals, values, management style, persuasion, and even travel.

The book is NOT based on theory, but on proven techniques, strategies and tools that I have personally used, taught, coached, spoke about, and have seen bring forth a bounty of results in my life as well as countless others.

Here are the parts we'll be going over together:

Part 1: Beginning the Revolution: Handling the Mental Barriers

Part I presents an overview of the most important matters to master in order to achieve time management success. I begin with helping you grab back control in Chapter 1, and then help you establish and align your goals with your time in Chapter 2. In Chapter 3, I help you understand the value of your time down to the minute.

Part 2: Establishing a Good System

Anyone who is effective in time management has created a personalized time management system. Even though the system is customized, it must follow many of the strategies and principles outlined in this part. Chapter 4 takes you deep into the most important characteristic of a great time manager in delving into prioritization strategies and tools. I also teach you how to time block your way to greater success.
In Chapter 5, I show you how to overcome the organizational challenges in your workspace and desk top, while also taking the confusion out of technological organization in Chapter 6. I then turn to e-mail which presents its own set of challenges because it’s cheap, easy, and fast. I close out this part with ways to save your time, lower your frustration, and hidden secrets about being on the road from an expert traveler’s perspective.

Part 3: Confronting Challenges to Time

No matter our time management skill or strategy, there will always be challenges that appear regularly trying to throw us off track. I anticipate these and share with you how to convey your message with power, precision, and brevity in Chapter 10. In Chapter 11, I attack the elephant in the room for most people with their time, which is the interruptions during the course of the day. I gently coach you how to lower your level of procrastination in Chapter 12 so you can be positive about yourself, skills, and results. In Chapter 13, I guide in how to make wise, better, and faster decisions so you can move yourself off the fence of indecision.

Part 4: Optimizing Efficiency When Working with Others

None of us work in a vacuum. We all rely on others to help, administrate, serve, sell, manage, guide, and lead. In Chapter 14, I give you tools, strategies, and systems to make your appointments with customers, prospects, vendors, and strategic partners more valuable with less time invested. Most of us have experienced death-by-meeting numerous times in our business career. In Chapter 15, I help you craft rules and a process to avoid that dead end. I close out this part with the skills to compel your customers to act without delay.

Part 5: Advanced Time Management for Specific Folks

This part contains the tips for you to take your business and career to the highest level no matter your job title. I kick off this section in Chapter 17 with increasing the performance of support staff through time management. I next help salespeople to increase their sales through time management techniques designed for them in Chapter 18. In Chapter 19, I coach the owners and executives to squeeze more time out of their already overcommitted day. Finally, I close out this part with management strategies, tactics, coaching and teaching systems as well as tools to pass on your new knowledge to others.

Part 6: The Part of Tens

Every Dummies® book ends with the famous part of tens. In this one, you get more than you bargained for with 5 tip-packed chapters of time wasting behaviors, time efficiency habits, time savers for your personal life, and my personal favorite, time saving technologies and fine tuning your focus.

To make purchasing the book from our site (and not the other online retailers) as valuable to you as possible, you'll also receive the following special bonuses:

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[Bonus] Instant Access to the "Putting the Key Things First in Your Life" online video.
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