If you’re tired of struggling to keep up with the changes in your marketplace and want to take advantage of the changes to dramatically grow your business, maybe it’s time you empower yourself with the Champion's Guide to…

"Tough Market Domination"

Tough Market Domination

by Dirk Zeller, 5-time best selling author, nationally acclaimed
speaker, coach, and founder of Real Estate Champions, Inc.

Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am
Dear Champion Agent,

A few months ago I received a call from a close friend of mine we affectionately call “John G” here at my office. We have a long real estate history together which includes him as a client, him as one of our Master Real Estate Coaches, and as a co-author of The REALTOR®'s Ultimate Business Planning Kit™.

John and I spoke about how tough the markets are now and how bad a time Agents are having trying to not only survive, but dominate in this new marketplace.

He told me, “Dirk we’ve got to put together something for our customers & clients. Maybe we could put together a couple of CDs of everything they need to do to survive through 2008 and 2009 until things turn around. Some kind of Real Estate Survival Kit or First Aid Kit or something!”

I wholeheartedly agreed with him that something had to be done.

But… first let me give you a little insight into my behavioral style and how I’m wired.

I’m what they call a “High-D” (Director) personality. I actually test out as high as you possibly can… and if it were possible, I’d probably be off the charts. That benefits you in two ways 1) I don’t do anything half-way or half-fast and 2) Mere survival is not good enough for me. I want my clients and customers to completely dominate their markets, and I always play to win.

I told John, “I don’t just want to give someone a band-aid solution. I’d rather give the folks a bazooka and help them blow their competition out of the water.”

“84% of My Coaching Clients Had
Their Best Year Ever in 2007”

The reason 84% of my coaching clients had their best year ever in 2007 is because I will not settle for them merely surviving the down market. I want you to take advantage of the fact that all of your competition is hurting right now and thrive in your local marketplace.

So, John and I met at NAR in November and put together an outline of every single thing (the meat & potatoes) that you absolutely must know and do to completely dominate your market and annihilate your competition.

This is the most comprehensive and complete program we’ve ever put together focused on generating new business during the toughest real estate market we’ve seen in decades. It amounts to over a dozen hours of John and I guiding you step-by-step through complete market domination as a Real Estate Agent in any market.

Here are just a few of the topics (with scripts, detailed strategies and tactics) you'll learn in each disc of Tough Market Domination™:

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 1 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Introduction to the Series
Detailed Leading Economic Indicators of Changing Real Estate Markets
Recognizing the Signs of a Slowing Market So You Can Make Preparations and Take Advantage of the Situation
Detailed Buying and Selling Trends in Tough Markets

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 2 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Crucial Mindsets to Develop in a Declining Real Estate Market
Your Sales Skills and Ratios Are Critical - How to Evaluate and Improve Them
The "X" Theory of Success and the "Y" Theory of Choice
Your Current Customers Are Gold - Creating Referrals
The Importance of Smaller Deals
Becoming a Master at Sales Momentum
Relationship Selling in a Down Market
Avoiding Pitfalls of Your Commission

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 3 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Listings in a Down Market
Crucial and Detailed Rules for Taking/Keeping Over-priced Listings
The Price Reduction Presentation
5 Step System to Price Reductions
Getting Ahead of the Pricing Curve and Using Market Stats
Gauging Seller Motivation - The Holy Grail
Key Qualifying Questions in a Changing Marketplace

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 4 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

The Pre-listing Packet - Save Time and Emotional Energy Before the Actual Listing Presentation
The Champion Listing Presentation
Three "Magic" Questions to Ask the Seller
The Price/Value Discussion - Pricing Strategy and Guidelines
Commission and Fees in a Tough Marketplace
Four Characteristics of a Champion Agent's Presentation
Buyers in a Down Market
The Determining Factors For Qualifying a Prospect
The Buyer Interview

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 5 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Creating Urgency and Motivating a Buyer
The Buyer Presentation Manual
Why Should a Buyer Choose Us? - How to Differentiate Yourself
Buyer's Remorse
Potential “Buyer Dangers” in a Slow Market
Lead Generation Strategies in a Tough Marketplace
Prospecting - Real Estate is a Contact Sport
Real Estate Business Sources
Lead Follow-up Strategies
How to Manage, Convert, and Gain Commitment From Your Leads
4 Key Rules in Lead Management and Follow-up

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 6 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Accurately Assessing Prospect Conversion Probability - Using a Lead Categorization System
Creating Revenue Through Expireds in a Changing Marketplace
Using RedX to Save Time, Effort, and Energy With Expireds
Understanding the Mindset of an Expired Prospect
How to "Defuse" the Expired, Lower Resistance, and Convert the Prospect
Converting FSBOs in a Tough Marketplace
The Truth About How FSBOs Work
Phone Techniques and Scripts

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 7 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Generating Business From Foreclosures and Pre-foreclosures in a Changing Marketplace
Generating Business From Orphan Clients
Generating Business From Absentee Owner/Non-Owner Occupied Prospects
Additional Strategies For Building Urgency in a Prospect
Demographic Lead Generation Strategies
Champion Strategies For Generating Leads From Open Houses

Tough Market Domination™ Disc 8 Contents (More Topics Are Included Than Listed Below. Includes Detailed Systems, Tactics, Forms, Scripts, Dialogue, etc.):

Handwritten Thank You Note Strategies
How to Leverage Ad Calls and Sign Calls
More Large Opportunities in a Changing Marketplace
How to Beef-up Your Inventory of Saleable Listings
Back to the Basics
Wrap Up and Conclusion

“The Top 11 Lead Sources You Can & Should Be Using Right Now for New Business Growth”

In addition to the training above, we'll reveal to you a soup-to-nuts approach for generating more business from more lead sources than we’ve ever revealed before. Together, we'll tear apart the top 11 lead sources you can and should be generating business from right now. We'll give you 5 complete business-in-a-box solutions to lead sources you may not even be tapping into right now.

You’ll get a step-by-step sales approach, complete with the scripts to use on the phone and in-person for: Expired Listings, For Sale By Owners, Foreclosures & Pre-foreclosures, Orphaned Clients, and Absentee Non-Owner-Occupied homeowners.

All 5 turn-key (A-Z for both Sales & Marketing) business growth modules come complete and can be used together or stand-alone.

“5 Lead Generation Systems that Run on Autopilot”

Each system comes complete with the sales and marketing strategies detailed step-by-step in the audio training. You’ll also receive the Tough Market Domination™ Master Marketing Plan, complete with step-by-step marketing advice on what classified ads to place, what voicemail scripts to use, what postcards to use with whom and when to send them, and detailed instructions on how to build your own lead generation systems that run on autopilot.

Everything necessary for success in today’s real estate marketplace is in it. All you have to do is add effort.

Each business growth module takes you by the hand, and guides you step-by-step, from A through Z, giving you the precise strategies & tactics to achieve the results you want with that particular lead source.

“A Complete Set of Systems That Automates Your Lead Generation and Empowers You by Having the
Qualified Prospects Chasing You Down...”

In the Tough Market Domination™ Marketing Plan, each of the 5 individual Marketing Strategies are revealed. They’ll literally help you fly in below the prospect's radar and instantly build trust with them.

You’ll get a complete set of systems that automates your lead generation and qualification and empowers you by having the qualified prospects chasing you down. There’ll be no more wasted time calling uninterested leads for you. Sound good?

Please take the time right now to investigate the following lead generation systems you'll get access to in this program. They include:

Business Growth Module #1 - Tough Market Domination
w/ Expireds

I believe that every Agent should make Expireds (if they haven’t already) a pillar of their lead generation. You may even find, as I did, that it will become the cornerstone of your lead generation & new business growth.

Many Agents struggle to understand how to tap into this hugely profitable source of leads. This portion of the program has a couple dozen of my best scripts for Expireds, coupled with our trademarked Local Market Trends™ Campaign for Expireds. This tool alone can be well worth the price of this entire program to you. Most of my personal coaching clients use it to form the basis of their marketing efforts and to position themselves as the local Real Estate Market Expert.

In this program you’ll get two separate strategies, including the postcards to use, a voicemail script to use to capture leads, a Local Market Trends™ Quarterly Report & Cover Letter, and a limited copyright of our trademarks and copyrighted material for your own use.

It’s a fully comprehensive set of proven Real Estate Sales & Marketing tips, techniques, strategies, tactics, and systems. It’s designed to make any Agent, willing to put forth the effort, an expert at turning Expired Listings into high-quality (easy-to-close) prospects, resulting in high quality listings.

Bottom Line: We’ll help you get leads coming your way, give you the techniques (including the scripts and tools needed to do so) to qualify and convert them to face-to-face appointments, and help you build the perfect listing presentation to get the listing contract signed.

Business Growth Module #2 - Tough Market Domination
w/ FSBOs

FSBOs are another lead source Agents are going to have to master in order to thrive in today’s marketplace. The trouble is, quite a few Agents think they have a strategy for FSBOs, but most would admit that they only get limited results with them.

That’s why I’ve put together a Client Referral Letter Campaign & Sales Strategy that will have your past clients and sphere do the FSBO prospecting for you.

“Have Your Past Clients Do the FSBO Prospecting for You”

These very qualified, motivated, and easily targeted FSBO prospects will be chasing you once they hear from your past clients of how much time, energy, and money they saved by using you instead of continuing to trudge along the FSBO route.

More than 9 out of 10 FSBOs end up as Agent listings! Why not have them be yours?

These are custom written for maximum effectiveness for your specific audience. All you have to do is add your own custom letterhead & testimonial information and you have a campaign destined to bring you testimonial generated referrals on autopilot.

Business Growth Module #3 - Tough Market Domination
w/ Foreclosures

It’s not news to you, by any means, that the rate at which homeowners have been entering default and foreclosure has continued to grow at staggering numbers.

“Up to 34 New Leads Per 1,000 Households in YOUR Area”

Over just the last couple of years the numbers have more than doubled in some parts of the country… and the nationwide average for 2007 was 10 new per month for every 1,000 households (some counties are as high as 34 / 1000). That’s a lot of new prospects!!!

In this program we’ll go over the fine art and science of the short sale, which can be a hugely profitable strategy for any Agent.

We’ll also equip you with a marketing program that will literally run on autopilot. You’ll get postcards, voicemail scripts, classified ads, and a special report to send to your prospects.

It really boils down to a complete 2-step marketing system.

A classified-ad lead comes in to your voicemail, you (or your assistant) print out a customized Sure-fire Foreclosure Sales Letter & Free Foreclosure Report and mail it, and then calls start to come in from prospects asking for your advice on selling their home.

All of this positions you as the foreclosure expert in your market... and the person to contact for help with selling a property in foreclosure.

Business Growth Module #4 - Tough Market Domination
w/ Orphan Clients

With so many Agents leaving the business in the last couple of years, this opportunity has literally been growing right under your nose. You may not have even thought to capitalize on it.

Past clients of your real estate company have become Orphaned Clients at epidemic proportions.

With a fully-developed sales and marketing strategy to turn these folks into business, you could literally double your business without even have to go outside the walls of your current company.

“The Sleeper Strategy for Developing Brand-new Clients
With the Least Amount of Effort and Time!”

Asking a few questions to the right person and implementing our Orphaned Clients Local Market Trends™ Strategy will most likely add to every Agent’s business investing in this program.

This one technique could literally be the sleeper strategy for developing brand new business with the least amount of effort and time.

Business Growth Module #5 - Tough Market Domination
w/ Absentee Owner/Non-owner Occupieds

Yet another potential sleeper strategy are folks who own homes in your area, but do not live in them. You might call them Absentee Owners or Non-Owner Occupieds. Whatever you call them, they represent a huge potential source of new business for you.

These folks may not even be in the market to sell or have maybe even forgotten about their property altogether, but there’s a tax law change coming in 2010 (in less than two years) that could literally cause a stampede of home sellers flooding the market to sell.

“A Tax-law-change-driven Real Estate Phenomenon the Likes of Which We Have Not Seen in Over 20 Years!”

It sounds like hype and too good to be true, but this will be a tax-law-change-driven real estate phenomenon, the likes of which we have not seen for over 20 years.

You can literally tap into this source right now and position yourself as the local expert way before your competitors does or… you can let this catch you asleep at the wheel like it will catch most Agents in the business next year. They’ll be one year too late and thousands of dollars short by then. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

“Nobody Else in the Industry has a Complete, Systemized, Turnkey Out-of-the-Box System Like This for Generating
New Business in a Tough Real Estate Market”

So, just when you thought we had finally delivered to you the most complete, turnkey, "grow my business to a higher level of success in today’s tougher real estate market" business in a box, there's even more...

To make this program an absolute no-brainer for every Agent who has the desire to grow their business in a tough marketplace, you'll also get the following bonuses:

Tough Market Domination™ BONUS #1:

RedX is the undisputed and well known #1 source of Expired Listings Data. We’ve partnered with them to offer you an exclusive (not offered by anyone else before) Expireds Bonus Package.

You’ll get:

  • RolEDX Lead Manager Software
  • $149.99 Set-up Fee Waived
  • Your choice of either:
    • 1 month FREE Expireds Listing Data Service (1 MLS)
      [59.95 Value]
    • 1 Month FREE Expireds & FSBOs Data Service (1 MLS & 1 Area)
      [79.95 Value]
Tough Market Domination™ BONUS #2:

We've established an exclusive partnership with RealtyTrac®, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties. They've agreed to grant you your first month of instant access to properties in your county for FREE.

Imagine for a minute having this service email you the very minute a property in your particular county goes into default. With that alert also comes the property's address, homeowner's name, value of the property, the loan amounts on the property, and (~60% of the time) the contact's phone number.

RealtyTrac® is the most trusted, comprehensive and convenient foreclosure marketplace for Real Estate Agents. They...

  • Are the nation’s #1 source of foreclosure listings
  • Have over 1 million properties – updated daily – including pre-foreclosure, bank foreclosures, for sale by owner (FSBO), foreclosed homes via auction, new homes and MLS listings.
  • Have the most detailed and trusted property data of all national providers.

Included with your first month's membership to RealtyTrac® Property Alert is a membership to the RealtyTrac® Real Estate Agent Package - Basic. This feature and the exposure it brings you alone could pay for itself with only one referral. Not only will you have access to the foreclosure leads, you'll also be able to mine their Pre-foreclosures, FSBOs, and REOs. Additionally, you'll be granted featured listing status for any listings you want to upload to their MLS properties feature.

Tough Market Domination™ BONUS #3:

You’ll be granted a transferable (if you ever lose your mind & decide to sell your program to someone else in your market) Limited Area Copyright License to use our expertly crafted and trademarked marketing pieces as well as, exclusive permission to use our trademarks for your own personal business use.

This is something we’ve never done before and I believe that it’s like granting you special franchise privileges… the closest we’ve come to doing so ever!

Tough Market Domination™ BONUS #4:

You'll receive a Lifetime Membership to the Tough Market Domination™ Members-only Website entitling you to unlimited downloads of the most up-to-date marketing pieces, tips, tools, strategies, and tactics.
Tough Market Domination™ BONUS #5:

Free Phone Consultation
Be one of the next 50 people to purchase this program and you'll also get a 30+ minute one-on-one phone consultation with John G (co-creator of Tough Market Domination™). [$250 Value]

As a professional who's successfully implemented the techniques in this program, he'll personally coach you and help crystallize your business plan for maximum results. This is a unique opportunity and is limited to the first 50 who purchase. Sorry, no exceptions!

What you will get in Tough Market Domination™:
  • 8 CDs - Audio Training (12+ hours) ($564 Value)
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook Full of Scripts, Dialogues, and Advanced Tactics
    • Client Referral Letter Campaign
    • Local Market Trends™ Campaign for FSBOs
    • Complete Foreclosure Marketing Strategy (Including Classified Ads, Voicemail Scripts, Postcards, Follow-up Letter & FREE Report)
    • Local Market Trends™ Campaign for Orphan Clients
    • "The Top 10 things That Make Your Home Too Ugly To Sell™" Free Report Campaign
    • Absentee Postcard & Referral Letter Campaigns
  • Transferable Limited Area Copyright License ($500 Value)
  • RolEDX Lead Manager Software ($149.99 Set-up Fee Waived) + Your Choice of a Free Month of Expireds Service ($229.98 Value)
  • One Month Free Premium Foreclosure Data Service from RealtyTrac™ ($75 Value)
  • FREE Report for Homeowners - "Foreclosures - What every homeowner must know about foreclosures & how to avoid them!" ($250 Value)
  • Tough Market Domination™ Members-only Website ($49 Value)
  • Camera-ready Artwork for Multi-sequence Postcard Campaigns
    ($500 Value)
  • One-on-one Phone Consultation With John G (Co-creator of Tough Market Domination™) - Limited to the Next 50 Orders. ($250 Value)
To Your Success of Dominating Your Market,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO

P.S. - Most Agents only dream about what they will do with their lives when they finally get their business hitting on all eight cylinders. With Tough Market Domination™, you'll have a complete set of tools to make that dream a reality for you and your family. Get started today!

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