The Tough Times Survival Kit
Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Real Estate Professionals

“How to Dominate Your Market,
Protect Your Commission,
and Not Only Survive, but Thrive
Today's Tougher Markets”

Introducing Your Tough Times Survival Kit
Tough Times Survival Kit
Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am

The Real Estate Markets are a whole lot tougher today than they have been the last handful of years. I get asked everyday what Agents need to do in today’s markets to not only survive, but thrive. Who wants to merely survive anyway? Not a Real Estate Champion that’s for sure.

"Nationwide, Real Estate Markets Have Changed!"

Some Agents seem to be in a panic, and some are buying into the "Housing Bubble Burst Philosophy" or the "Buyer's Market Philosophy" that the NAR economist announced last week. I think we should just call it what it is...Our new reality. A reality that is more realistic than the one we've become accustomed to the last few years.

"Our New Reality... One With
Tremendous Challenges & Opportunities"

With this new reality comes some tremendous challenges and opportunities. Whether you conquer the challenges and capitalize on the opportunites is purely dependent on how prepared you are.

In response to the tougher markets, I've recently put together what I call the "Tough Times Survival Kit". It contains three full-length training programs that address the 3 biggest challenges Agents face today.

Let's face it. There are three "mission-critical" (Your Mission of Succeeding in Real Estate) areas you need to address:

  1. How do you "Protect Your Commission" from the "Fee Discounters"?
  2. How do you acquire the "Survival Sales Skills" necessary to make sure you capitalize on every opportunity, before your competition does?
  3. How do you position yourself in such as way as to "Create Market Dominance" for yourself?

"A Survival Kit to Help You Survive & Thrive
in Your Real Estate Sales Career"

Module 1 - How to Protect Your Commission

How to Protect Your CommissionIn this module I address one of the fastest growing challenges Agents are facing today which is a tremendous downward pressure on their fees. Commission cutting is rampant across the country, and the proliferation of the "Fee Discounters" is very prominent. Even without these discount brokers, in most markets there are more Agents willing to take listings at substantial discounts - more so than ever before. The Brokers and Agents who are cutting their fees are affecting everyone because the average Agent isn't equipped to protect their commission.

It doesn't have to be that way!

This series will teach you "How to Protect Your Commission".

In this series you'll learn how to:
Establish a value mindset
Spot the commission objections before (or early in) the presentation
Know who you are up against, so the client can comparison shop service and value - not fee
Determine the real value of the services you provide
Identify the client's needs and service level they want from you
Develop the real benefits of your service
Attach monetary value to your services that a seller can understand

“Beating the Fee Discounters is not a Problem at all Now”
"Dirk, I now know how to compete against ANY Agent in MY marketplace. Beating the fee-discounters is not a problem at all now. My income has gone up 139%, to one of the top paid agents in my marketplace!"

Kim Heddinger
Broker, CRS, GRI, SRES, ePRO
Windermere Real Estate/Lane County

Module 2 - Survivor Sales Skills

Survivor Sales SkillsThis series takes you through the critical sales concepts for survival. As Agents, we are all dependant on our sales skills to find success. In this series, I've broken down the basic fundamentals of sales and what tools, characteristics, and behaviors accompany a great Real Estate Salesperson. You will learn to sell homes more quickly and effectively than your competition, which will help you have a "Banner Year" when your competition is struggling. These concepts are especially critical in today’s markets.

"I wish this Survivor Sales Training Kit was around when I started my career. It would have saved me thousands of dollars and hours in my business."
- Dirk Zeller

What's in this series for you?
Fundamental Survivor Sales Principles & Strategies for Tougher Markets
How to achieve characteristics of Top Sales People
Step-by-Step Keys to Successful Prospecting
How to Overcome Call Reluctance (This Sales Career Killer Gets 80% of New Agents and 40% of Veterans)
5 Step System for Price Reductions and how to handle them
Killer Closing Techniques and tactics of a Champion Agent
Overcoming Obstacles and Objections like a Pro - Never again experience the "Deer in the Headlights" look

How to Turn Objections into Opportunities
Dozens of Scripts and Dialogues for most Real Estate Sales situations

35 Year Veteran Says, "Dirk Zeller's
Approach is the Very Best."

testimonial"During my 35 years in real estate, I have attended many seminars, conferences, etc. and purchased tapes, CDs, and other marketing tools. Dirk Zeller's approach to teaching is the very best in terms of context, completeness, and clarity. He gives you not only the information but also the feeling that YOU have got what it takes to be successful. Thank you, Dirk."

Augie Garcia
Pinnacle Realty

Module 3 - Creating Market Dominance

Creating Market DominanceA Real Estate Champion wants to dominate the competition and gain a larger market share in the process. A Champion Agent creates competitive points of difference that lead to a competitive advantage over the competition and leave them wondering how you did it.

When you create market dominance (believe me, it is possible), your competition will run the other direction when they know they are up against you. Agents who utilize these tactics have told me, "This is exactly what we have been working hard to achieve, and it feels SO awesome. We have them running in the other direction!"

"With this program, we'll build a competitive advantage for you together,
no matter what kind of market you're in!"
- Dirk Zeller

In this series you'll learn:
The difference between a competitive advantage and a decisive advantage
How to back up your competitive advantage with actual statistics
What exactly an expert is and how to make yourself “The Expert”
How to become an expert through market knowledge
To realize and embrace the fact that "You are a salesperson!"
The 5 MOST important reasons someone should hire you over your competition
Dozens of scripts and dialogues

“REALTOR® Achieves EXPERT Status and
Has Competition Running"

"I did get the FSBO listed the other day! :-) I wanted to share with you a few things [about how positioning ourselves as the “EXPERT” has affected our competition]. Apparently, over the weekend, the sellers had a REALTOR® show their house. After the showing, the REALTOR® asked them for an interview. They told them that they were interviewing me, and I guess the REALTOR®'s face turned 5 shades of red, and he took his name out of the hat. Also, after I listed their house, they called the other REALTOR® that they were going to interview after me and told them not to bother because they were so impressed with me. One of the sellers is even an attorney!! This is exactly what we have been working hard to achieve, and it feels SO awesome!!!! We have them running in the other direction!!!"

Kim Heddinger
Broker, CRS, GRI, SRES, ePRO
Windermere Real Estate/Lane County

What you will get in the complete, three-module, Tough Times Survival Kit:

  • A complete Survival Kit for Changing Markets - Beginning to Advanced Tactics
  • 4 CDs - Audio Training (How To Protect Your Commission)
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook (How To Protect Your Commission - Scripts, Handouts, & Forms)
  • 7 CDs - Audio Training (Survivor Sales Skills)
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook (Survivor Sales Skills - Scripts, Handouts, & Forms)
  • 4 CDs - Audio Training (Creating Market Dominance)
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook (Creating Market Dominance - Scripts, Handouts, & Forms)

To Your Achievement of Success,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO


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