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  • Number of Listings Taken Increased 52%
  • Number of Buyer Controlled Sales Up 23%
  • Time Worked by Agents Reduced 14%
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Dirk Zeller has been helping me stay motivated in my real estate business since 2006. When the market turned down, he encouraged me to expand outside of my comfort level. Dirk's coaching helped me claw my way back into sales when I lost my rental properties to the Great Recession... Each year I am gaining momentum and 2015 appears to be a record breaking year for my team and me. Thanks Dirk.
~ Laura Chaney, Lawrence, KS
Coaching with Real Estate Champions is great! It keeps me focused and enables me to get out of my own way. I have a tendency to wander off track and coaching is able to patiently reel me back in and re-direct me to my goals. It is very adaptable to what is going on in my business and knowledge in every aspect. I've had 2 other coaches in the past and having someone with real estate experience is making all the difference in my business.
~ Polly Darnell, Walnut Creek, CA
Real Estate Champions' systems and techniques have transformed my business. I used to work mainly with buyers; in fact, over 60% of my business was buyers. Now over 80% of my business is listings, and my income went up over $150,000 last year.
~ Kim Heddinger, Windermere of Lane County
"Real Estate Champions has helped me focus my business. They've given me many insights to make my business grow, and have recommended positive action steps to overcome some areas where I needed improvement. The coaches are caring and giving people who are committed to making me be a better agent and businessperson." ~ Doug Nunnally, Fayetteville, NC
~ Doug Nunnally, Fayetteville, NC 
I have achieved more than I ever dreamed possible for myself and my company. The strength and courage that coaching gives me is so powerful. I truly realize without it I wouldn't have taken such giant steps.
~ Sherry Weeks, Montgomery, AL
In a sentence, my coaching experience with Real Estate Champions has given me tremendous insight to my business & production, opening up opportunity for growth.
~ Robbie Bunting, Hilton Head Island, SC
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