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  • "Getting a business coach in real estate is always hard to wrap your mind around because it is expensive. However, the cost vs. results have been so overwhelmingly positive with Dirk as our coach, its definitely worth the investment in your business. If you are serious about your business, you need a coach like Dirk! We had a previous coach, but just not as effective as Dirk ! We are just half way through the year and have done as much business (GCI) as we did for the entire previous year! It is definitely worth the investment in your future!!"

    Dawn Templeton
  • "I have gone through several coaching programs but never learned as much as I have with Real Estate Champions. I am learning invaluable techniques in selling but most importantly I am learning how to run my business."

    Cindy Baiardi
  • "Thank you Dirk for keeping on us on track... With the market shifting the atmosphere around the office has not been good. You provided us the path and reminded us to be proactive in our prospecting. As a result we have approx 160 transactions on our "Zeller" board (2/6 thru 7/18) I know based on our activity there is more to come. Thank you for your talks, guidance, and motivation."

    Terry Birt Sales Manager Prudential California Realty

Latest From the Blog…

14 Oct21:00pm


Pricing recommendations hit troubled waters at two predictable times. One is when clients have unreasonable price expectations that need to be brought into line before the home can be sold. The other is when an agent gets ready to list a property that owners want to sell at an inflated, unrealistic price. Both circumstances require [...]

09 Sep16:25pm


We all have a fundamental choice when we fall short of our goals and dreams. We can choose to modify our goals and dreams or magnify our skills needed to reach them. These are the only two solutions to this quandary we are in. Which are you going to choose? We must focus on acquiring [...]

26 Aug17:05pm


Any successful businessperson, over a span of years, has embraced the focus to build three areas of their business simultaneously. These three areas are the growth areas, working “in” the business, and working “on” the business. Growth Growth is the engine that drives sales growth. It’s the part of the business that brings in the [...]

12 Aug17:17pm


Do you have the skills that will make you massively successful? Are you making the most of them? The people who are compensated the best in life are highly skilled and highly specialized. They perform few functions, but the ones they do are performed exceedingly well, and they are paid handsomely for performing them. Let [...]

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