Survivor Sales Skills
Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate sales is a cyclical process that will always have its ups and downs. If you are ready to acquire the skills to not only survive, but thrive in ANY market, it's time to look into...

“Survivor Sales Skills”
How to thrive in changing markets by mastering:
Prospecting, Sales Call Reluctance,
Killer Closing Techniques,
and more...

Survivor Sales Skills

Dirk Zeller
Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am

Audio Lesson:
How to thrive in changing markets

Real Estate Sales is one of the MOST lucrative careers that you can get into. I've personally known Doctors, Lawyers, and Engineers that have all given up their successful careers to join us in the Real Estate Industry.

"160,000 to 200,000 Real Estate Agents Drop Out
Their First Year"

That being the case, we can count on approximately 200,000 to 250,000 new agents joining us in our field every single year. Which in turn grows the amount of competition we have in any given market. The good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that 80% of them will drop out before they finish their first year.

What makes the difference for the 20% that survive this jungle we call Real Estate Sales, is that they are the few that have equipped themselves with the right tools to get them through the trials and tribulations that are bound to come.

You've probably heard the old saying that "there's nothing new under the sun". I believe that for the most part, but what it really means to me is that somewhere or at sometime there was someone just like me who was facing the same challenges I face right now. They came up with a way to get past the obstacles in their path to achieve their goals. The same is true for you. You don't have to reinvent the wheel by trial and error like I did.

"A Survival Kit To Help You Survive & Thrive In Your
Real Estate Sales Career"

One way to help ensure that you will be one of the Real Estate Agents that will continue on after this year, is to (effectively) buy an insurance policy for yourself. You can do this in essence by investing in some training specific to your needs as a Real Estate Sales Professional. You can call it a Survival Kit to help you survive and thrive in your Real Estate Sales career.

Tough Times Survival Kit Module 2 - Survivor Sales Skills

Survivor Sales SkillsThis series takes you through the major concepts of sales. As Agents, we are all dependant on our sales skills to find success. In this series, I've broken down the basic fundamentals of sales and what tools, characteristics, and behaviors accompany a great Real Estate Salesperson. You will learn to sell homes more quickly and effectively than your competition, which will help you have a "Banner Year" when your competition is struggling.

"I wish this Survivor Sales Training Kit was around when I started my career. It would have
saved me thousands of dollars and hours in my business."
- Dirk Zeller

What's in this series for you?
Fundamental Survivor Sales Principles
How to achieve characteristics of Top Sales People
Prospecting Keys to Success - Step-by-Step
How to Overcome Call Reluctance (This Sales Career Killer Gets 80% of New Agents and 40% of Veterans)
5 Step System for Price Reductions and how to handle them
Killer Closing Techniques and tactics of a Champion Agent
Overcoming Obstacles and Objections like a Pro - Never again experience the "Deer in the Headlights" look

How to Turn Objections into Opportunities
Dozens of Scripts and Dialogues for most Real Estate Sales situations

35 Year Veteran Says, "Dirk Zeller's
Approach is the Very Best."

testimonial"During my 35 years in real estate, I have attended many seminars, conferences, etc. and purchased tapes, CDs, and other marketing tools. Dirk Zeller's approach to teaching is the very best in terms of context, completeness, and clarity. He gives you not only the information but also the feeling that YOU have got what it takes to be successful. Thank you, Dirk."

Augie Garcia
Pinnacle Realty

What you will get in Survivor Sales Skills, Tough Times Survival Kit Module 2:

  • 7 CDs - Audio Training
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook Full of Scripts, Dialogues, and Advanced Tactics
To Your Achievement of Success,

Real Estate Training
Dirk Zeller, CEO

P.S. - If you want to check out the complete Tough Times Survival Kit (not just this module), feel free to click here. It's chock-full of step-by-step tools, tactics, and scripts you need to not only survive, but thrive in today's tougher markets. Check it out here.


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