Become a Real Estate Champions Affiliate

Become a Real Estate Champions Affiliate!

Ready to record your video testimonial? You can record either on a computer if you have a webcam/mic or a smartphone/tablet. Take a quick look at the instructions below before you get started:

Instructions & tips for recording:

  1. After you click the Record button, make sure to click “Allow” when prompted to give access to your mic and webcam. This will only give the website access to your mic and camera while you are recording on this page.
  2. When recording with a mobile device, please hold it horizontally
  3. Try to record in a well-lit space, speak loudly & clearly

Important note: You can always replay and retake your video if you aren’t satisfied. Don’t worry about it being absolutely perfect because we can edit the video after you submit. For example, if all is going well and you make a mistake in the middle or near the end, pause for a few seconds and start your sentence again.

Try to include these in your testimonial if possible:

  1. Your name and location
  2. What program/service you invested in
  3. Your general experience and specific results if possible
  4. Your recommendation to others

Alright, ready to go? Remember you can always replay & retake the video before submitting.

Click Record to get started:

[vidrack align=”center”]

Thank you!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at or call 541-383-8833.

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