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When Should I Hire an Assistant?

When should I hire an assistant? How should I train them? What should they do for me? These are questions I get asked every time I coach a new client or speak before a group of realtors. Assistants can be an important addition to a realtor’s business. Hiring an assistant can also be one of the most frustrating experiences and financially challenging times in business.

Creating a Team

Because of the increase in required disclosures, inspections, and documents, it is becoming more difficult for an agent to do all the functions of real estate on his own. The need to create a team of specialists is becoming more necessary for success in the real estate field. The three main reasons to create a team are better quality service for your clients, increase in production, and increase in quality of life.

Help Your Staff to Climb the Learning Curve

Assistants have become more of the norm rather than the exception for agents heading into the new millenium. The question is are they truly a profit center for the agent?

Determining the Pay Structure for Buyers’ Agents

Check your pay and profit structure for your buyer’s assistants. Make sure they are the profit center that you think they are. You may be surprised by the results.

There’s Gold in Them Leads!

Creating an effective lead follow-up system can be the backbone to a consistent real estate sales business. The more effectively you handle the leads you generate, the more production you will achieve.

Power Recruiting

A broker who successfully recruits provides an exciting work environment for agents. Existing agents are stimulated by meeting and working with new people. New agents create new competition within the “pecking order” for listings and sales.

Creating a Dynamic Listing Presentation

The listing presentation is one of the most misunderstood areas of real estate sales. There are as many theories about this presentation as there are licensed agents in North America.

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