Daily Deposits In Yourself

What is the most important asset you own? Is it that wonderful home you own? Is it the beautiful car that you drive to and from those listing appointments? Is it your investment account of stocks that in the last twelve months has taken a beating?

We spend so much time investing in the tangible things or money that we are trying to acquire in life we fail to recognize the most important asset we own. Your most important asset is not your money…it’s you.

How much time and money are you investing in you? Do you have a set time every day to invest in you? Are you making deposit daily in you?

There are a couple of key areas to make deposits daily in your life. Each of these areas is essential for you to build a better you.

1.) Physical: We need to move physically daily to be at peak performance. There have been quite a few studies showing that our American society is more over weight than ever in our history as a society. We ultimately eat too much and move too little.

How do you rate yourself physically? Are you on track or off track? What do you need to do to get back where you need to be? What do you need to cut out? What do you need to add to your diet and exercise routine? Make a decision and a commitment right now to begin. Write down right now when and what you are going to do to change your physical attributes.

2.) Relational: This asset of being able to interact with other people is truly a blessing. We often fail to invest the necessary time, energy and love to create growth and abundance. Even the plants in our yard need attention to bring forth the explosive blooms we enjoy. We can pay more attention to our plants than we do to our children, spouse or significant relationships in our lives. My question is, are you on the mark with your relationships? Is there someone who needs more water and fertilizer in your life? What are you going to do about it? When?

3.) Spiritual: I truly believe we are spiritual beings. Our spirituality can be the first part of our life to become neglected. The reason is we don’t have someone saying pay attention to me. Your body will often tell you when your clothes don’t fit. Your spouse or children often speak up when they are neglected. Many times spiritual beliefs will just let us stray. They don’t cry out, “Pay attention to me!” When we wake up later dramatically off the track in our spiritual life, we will say, “How did I get here?”

4.) Mental: The asset of our mind is incredible. We have been blessed with incredible capacity. Most of us are just using a small percentage of our capacity. I truly believe the goal for each of us is to play the game of life to the level of potential that we possess. We have all been gifted with vast untapped resources. What are you doing to mine those resources regularly?

The barrier for all of us to achieve the abundance in all accounts of our life is lack of commitment. That lack of commitment is what stops each of us from achieving our goals and the life we desire. We have to be prepared to pay the price to achieve what we want in each of these categories: physical, relational, spiritual and mental. We must be prepared to make that absolute stand and commitment that nothing is going to stop us from achieving our goals and dreams in life. Are you ready to start today?

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