Real Estate Investing & Foreclosure Articles

Read Me 1st – Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Integrate Investing Into Their Business!

Real Estate Agents have at their immediate access (every day at all hours of the day) what some Real Estate Investors would almost kill for. Think about it for a second. Don’t you, through your local MLS access, your in-house meetings, and other sources have access to some information that may be profitable to you if you acted on it in an investment capacity… Read More

Carleton Sheets No Down Payment Program – Not Just for Real Estate Investors

Carleton H Sheets whose name is often mispelled online as Carlton Sheets has been one of the main voices for Real Estate Investment over the last couple of decades.

Real Estate Agents should arm themselves with the same information contained in his course for 3 main reasons… Read More

How Any Real Estate Agent Can Generate New Leads & Listings From Foreclosures

Real Estate Foreclosures continue to climb across the country and are up 62% (as of April 2007) from the previous year. Any Real Estate Agent whose armed themselves with the knowledge of how to gain access to these folks and work to help them solve their problem can carve out a brand new niche for themselves that 99% of other Real Estate Agents think… Read More

Real Estate Foreclosures – A Real Estate Agent’s Guide – Part 1

Our office has been flooded for the last few months with emails & calls about the new Foreclosure Mastery™ program. We must have struck a nerve with quite a few Agents who are looking for a new way to generate business in markets across North America.

The buzz surrounding this topic has been great and actually more than I expected. One thing we couldn’t predict was exactly how much of a lack of information there was for Agents on Foreclosures…Read More

Real Estate Foreclosures – A Real Estate Agent’s Guide – Part 2

In part one we had spent considerable time together establishing that a Pre-foreclosure is the best source of leads for you as an Agent. If you haven’t read part one yet, you can review it by visiting this link.

So, how do you take that Pre-foreclosure lead and turn it into a listing? I’m glad you asked because that is exactly what we’ll cover today together.

Before I get into the step-by-step on how to do it, I want to cover one very important point. How do we get the Pre-foreclosure lead? Read More

Real Estate Foreclosures – A Real Estate Agent’s Guide – Part 3

You’ve heard of the Pareto Principle right? If not, it’s the 80/20 Rule that economist Vilfredo Pareto developed through his research.

I bet you haven’t heard of the 20/50/30 Rule, though… right? It works hand-in-hand with the 80/20 rule for leads and is more centered on lead qualification.

The basic premise is this… Read More

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