Targeting Your Real Estate Marketing Message – Part 1

Agents get off on the wrong marketing road when they try to take communication shortcuts by blitzing the market with their ad messages. This route leads to a dead end for two reasons. One, you don’t have the budget of McDonald’s or Anheuser Busch so you can’t compete well in the mass media environment. Second, your prospective customer is already drowning in daily marketing messages. Simply lobbing another ad missile into the general market arena is hardly the way to target the person you’re trying to reach.


Due to the successful efforts of media salespeople, real estate agents get roped into spending huge numbers of dollars on image- or brand-building real estate marketing campaigns that reach large, untargeted groups of consumers and produce zero sales results.

Real Estate Marketing Tip:

Agents at the top of their games may want to reinforce their dominant market positions and enhance their strong reputations by shifting some of their real estate marketing dollars into image advertising. But as an agent just beginning to ascend the ladder of success, image advertising is not what you need. At this point in your career you need to reach highly targeted prospects with messages about specific offerings that align perfectly with their interests and needs.

As you plan your real estate marketing communications, think in terms of who, what and why:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are you offering to your target audience?
  • Why is the product you’re offering a good fit for the wants, needs, and purchase abilities of your target audience?

The upcoming articles will give you some tools and techniques to help you target your marketing audience, define your product, and determine the position your product fills in the marketplace.

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