Understanding the Process

Being a salesperson is one of the greatest professions on earth. As real estate salespeople we are helping people to achieve the great “American Dream.” Where we get into trouble as salespeople is when we don’t understand the process of the sale. Most real estate salespeople have never studied sales. They have learned a few scripts and dialogues, but they don’t clearly understand the buying process. They have never become students of selling.

To be a Champion salesperson you have to understand and study sales. The first step is to understand the sales process. The truth in sales is that people make decisions based on emotion. How they feel emotionally about something governs their decision-making process. We don’t do things based on logic, reason, and intelligence. We will use those tools to justify our decision. Reality is we all act emotionally and our behavior is shaped by our emotions. Because we are human, we are in a constant state of trying to satisfy our emotional needs and emotional wants.

How do we talk to our clients’ or prospects’ emotions? We need to first put ourselves in their situation. We need to clearly understand their needs, wants, and desires. We need to have true empathy for the prospect or client. To really be effective we need to imagine what the prospects feel like. By clearly knowing their feelings we can gently and patiently help them see our point of view.

For example, you are working with sellers who want to overprice their home. They believe they need to get above fair market value. The most effective way to turn them to reality is to empathize with their problem, to acknowledge that you understand their feelings. Once you do that, then you can gently show them why their desires will not happen. You have to meet those overpriced sellers where they are and work them towards your position.

If you draw a line in the sand and you are worlds apart, all you are doing is yelling at them across a canyon. You have to cross the canyon to their side. You need to lead them back across the canyon. People can often be like cows. You can push, poke, and prod them, and they won’t budge.

Your reason for your way has to be a benefit to them. Once they see how they can benefit, they will follow your thinking. The key is to talk to people in terms of needs and emotional benefits to them. Once you have established the benefits, you can persuade people to do anything.

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