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“The REALTOR®’s Ultimate
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Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am

I am really excited about this brand-new program for two reasons…

#1) Most agents (less than 5% of the several thousand I’ve met) never construct a firm business plan to execute in their business. That’s right! A majority of agents only have a few loosely held goals, wants, or even just dreams of what they hope to do with their business.

“#1 Reason Agents Fail = They Never
Construct a Firm Business Plan”

That’s the unfortunate truth. Most folks have just a few “wishes” for their Real Estate Business and life. These haven’t yet been crystallized, formalized, or prioritized so most agents fall substantially short of their “secret desires”.

Does this sound familiar? Come on now… be honest!

I firmly believe that NO ONE should run their business or live their lives that way.

“Agents Who Establish a Concrete Set of
Goals & Objectives Succeed!”

Almost as important, you’ll master the ability to adapt a business plan with steps, benchmarks, systems, strategy, and tactics that you can implement so you will achieve any goals and objectives that you desire. The secrets I’ll reveal to you have been proven to do this (which you’ll read about in the case study further down the page).

“Ensure Your Long-term Growth of Income & Guarantee
Your Personal Wealth & Retirement!”

You’ll be able to listen to this program year after year for your whole career to ensure your long-term growth of income and guarantee your personal wealth and retirement later in life.

#2) The second (and my favorite reason) is that I’ve teamed up on this program with one of the best minds in real estate. This man (who I’ll reveal to you in the program) is truly one of the best real estate agents and business owners in the world!

When he and I met about eight years ago, he was struggling like many of you reading this right now may be. His Real Estate Business had plateaued, and he was down right stuck actually!

He felt slammed against the wall of production for a number of years. At that stage in his life, he had achieved as much income and business as was possible for him. That was of course until we made a number of critical changes…

“A Plan that Grew His Income Over $100,000
Per Year for Several Years!”

Those changes (which we’ll reveal to you step-by-step) were not easy changes to make, but they resulted in him growing his income $100,000+ per year for numerous years.

Today, he enjoys a personal income in excess of one million a year in revenue. This isn’t your typical $1,000,000 income earner either.

He doesn’t suffer from the super-high-income-drained-away-by-super-high-
expenses syndrome most top producers do. He actually increased his profitability by over 40%, so he gets to keep even more of the revenue right in his own pocket at the end of the month.

How do I know this? Well, I had the best seat in the house in the front row as his personal coach.

Together, he and I increased his income, perfected his systems, and exploded his net profit numbers to an unrivaled level for agents at his production level.

Here’s some actual statistics from before we implemented his business plan, and after:

Case Study #160-07: Agent “X”

Location: Pennsburg, PA

One Year Before Implementing the Techniques in this Program:

  • 64 Transactions with gross revenues of ~$300,000
  • Cost per transaction was ~$2,500

One Year After Implementing the Business Plan:

  • 90 transactions with gross revenues of ~$550,000 (83% Growth)
  • Cost per transaction was ~$1,500 ($1,000 additional net profit every deal)
  • No new staff
  • More time off with family

Two Years After Implementing the Techniques
in this Program:

  • 102 transactions with gross revenues of ~$650,000
  • Cost per transaction was ~$1,500 ($1,000 additional net profit every deal)
  • Received the Chairman’s Award
  • Even more time off with family

The story doesn’t end there. The very next year, only 36 months after implementing the business planning techniques in this program, his gross commissions jumped to $940,000. That’s a 313% increase in commissions on transactions that cost him 40% less than they used to.

“The Step-By-Step Actions, Systems, Strategies, and Techniques for You to Use in Your Own Business!”

Now that he’s made it… although he’d be the first to tell you otherwise… we’re going to tag team the challenge of helping you implement the step-by-step actions, systems, strategies, and techniques in your own business.

Some would describe us as almost fanatical about our beliefs in the Real Estate Business. We truly believe that the Real Estate Sales Business is one of the best business opportunities in the world. It creates tremendous opportunity for earnings, investment, freedom, and quality of life beyond any other business in the world.

“Decide to Elevate Your Game to the Champion Level”

The incredible income and wealth however, is reserved for the few agents who decide to elevate their game to the Champion level.

It’s not rocket science either. Anyone, who is properly equipped, can earn a wonderful living in Real Estate Sales with minimal investment.

When we examine the businesses of most agents however, most have very little invested in their real estate practice. They’re missing the boat when there is a huge opportunity with limited capital invested that will sway the odds heavily in their favor.

The undeniable reality is that most agents have less than $10,000 invested into a business that has the opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of dollars of net profit.

When you compare the capital, risk, and access to prospects against the net profit, the Real Estate Business has the makings of the best business model in the business world.

Your REALTOR® Ultimate Business Planning Kit™ will reveal:

  • How you can build your Real Estate Business into an asset that can be sold in the future
  • How to play the odds in your favor like a casino – you too can become the house
  • Why spinning the lead generation odds will lead to better income, results, and time off with your family
  • How to determine & then double your hourly rate which in turn will reduce the number of hours you have to work to make the same amount of money
  • The #1 way to change the odds of success in your Real Estate Business
  • Why most agents suffer from “lead bulimia”
  • 3 Keys to overcoming the hurdles that litter the small, narrow, rocky pathway to super success
  • 4 Rules of Business Expansion and how to apply them to your business
  • The largest opportunity in Real Estate today that 87% of Agents completely missed last year
  • How one simple strategy increased my client’s market share by over 49% in the toughest real estate market in 10 years.
  • How you can transform your thinking, actions, execution and planning to the level of a successful business person
  • Three steps to easing the rapid process of real estate market change
  • The right way to plan your own financial independence
  • 11 questions that hold the keys to your long-term happiness that you must ask yourself
  • The Ultimate Real Estate Power Source to fuel your personal dreams
  • The “Razor Sharp Goal Setting Strategy” and how to use it to propel you to income growth
  • How to properly balance career, money, family, health, and spiritual areas of your life
  • How to properly calculate the “Real Estate Calendar Year” and why 98.8% of agents start the year off 45-60 days behind
  • Why the Real Estate Production Yo-Yo is the greatest obstacle to less stress in your business and how to conquer it for good
  • Dirk Zeller’s #1 solution to breaking free of real estate inconsistency forever
  • How to detect when you’re suffering from loan commission disease & how to prevent it
  • The Champion Agent’s Cashflow Charting System (complete w/ forms)
  • REALTOR® Financial Mastery Plan™ #1 & 2
  • How to plug the holes in your lead pipeline and let your competition wonder how you’re doing it
  • Why you should walk away from even more listings when the markets tighten
  • The #1 little-utilized source of leads in the changing markets of today and how you can yield 400%-500% better results from it
  • How to lower your frustration by increasing the quality of your leads
  • How to increase your buyer agents’ production by 102.3% by removing their “choking point”
  • Why the volume game puts more people out of business than anything else and how to avoid playing it
  • Why firing over 29% of your prospects can literally double your profits and save your life in the process
  • Case Study: How a shy gal from Cleveland moved to Chicago and did 60 transactions despite the fact she was brand-new to the market.
  • The Champion Agent’s Sales Skills Evaluation Form™

What you will get in The REALTOR®’s Ultimate Business Planning Kit™:

  • 6 CDs – Audio Training (7+ hours)
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook Full of Scripts, Dialogues, and Advanced Tactics


You’ll also get instant access to the “If Business is War – Think Like a General” online audio program. In this program, Dirk teaches you the step-by-step “war” tactics on how to create a long-term dominant position in your marketplace. [$47 Value]


Get instant access to your second online bonus “Mindset of a Champion” after you purchase this program. In this audio program, Dirk teams up with Agent “X” (mentioned above) and Champion Agent Julie Boyd-Elrod to teach you how to create the proper mindset to be extremely successful regardless of how tough your market is. [$47 Value]


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To Your Achievement of Business Success,

Dirk Zeller, CEO

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