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Dirk Zeller
Tuesday, 6:12 am

Let’s face the facts… in the tougher times of today’s markets in many parts of the country, there are several Agents for every listing. Quite often it doesn’t even matter if you have the listing. The Agents who dominate in today’s marketplaces are the Agents who know how to capture, qualify, and convert the buyers.

Case Study #173-09 : Agent “C”

Location: Ontario, Canada

Number of Buyer Leads Captured: 4,235

Lead to Interview Conversion: 7%

Number of Buyer Interviews Conducted: 279

Interview to Closing Ratio: 61%

Number of Closed Transactions: 170

At the time of my research, this client of mine had 4,235 buyer leads that his team captured. Of those leads they were successful at getting 279 Buyer Interviews, and of the 279 Buyer Interviews, there were about 170 transactions – or 61% conversion.

Do you see where there’s some tremendous opportunity for change?If you said the Lead to Interview Conversion (7%), you’re absolutely right!

By simply increasing the conversion of the 4,235 leads captured by only a few percent, we double the amount of business from the same number of leads.

That’s exactly what we did… and you can do it as well…

Not only that… in order to be extremely successful, you’ve got to master the front-end of the buyer side of your business. Once you do that, you’ll raise your conversion ratios astronomically and finally get control of the Buyer Side of your business.

Working with several Champion Agents, we found quite a problem with the front-end of the buyer conversion process. A minuscule quantity (4% – 16%) of leads were converting to closed transactions. That was, of course, before we developed our complete system of Advanced Buyer Conversion Strategies.

In this program, I’ll reveal to you all of the systems, tools, tactics, and scripts we’ve perfected for buyer conversion…

Success Trio Module 3 – Convert and Commit the Buyer…
Every Time!TM


With the vast majority of Agents in North American doing more transactions on the buyer side than the seller side, we need to now make sure that we are converting on every possibility we have in the marketplace. Every viable lead that is created must be converted to income-producing, closed transactions. This program is conservatively worth an extra $100,000 in gross commission income for you! Don’t miss your chance at mastering control and commitment of your buyer’s prospects.

[blockquote_dd author=’- Dirk Zeller’]”Getting the appointment with the buyers can be challenging, but converting and committing them to buy can be impossible. This course gives you the tools you need to close the deal.”[/blockquote_dd]

This Training Will Teach You How To:

Get Control of the Buyer Appointment from the Start
Only Work With the “A” Leads – Use a Buyer Qualification System
Qualify Like a Master Buyer’s Agent (Save Tons of Time)
Champion Agent’s Buyer Interview – 41 Questions that Will Save You at Least 41 Lost Transactions Wasted With Lookie-Lou Buyers
Use a Master Coach’s “Exchange of Commitments” Conversion Tactic
Master the Art of Dealing With Non-Qualified Prospects
Handle Objections to Getting the Appointment (BUYER SCRIPTS)
Explain Agency to a Buyer (SCRIPTS)
Handle if the Buyer Wants Representation (DIALOGUES)
Explain the Exclusive Retainer Agreement – Lock Them In (SCRIPTS)
Handle Objections to Signing a Contract – 10 Scenarios (SCRIPTS)
Find the REAL Reason Behind a Buyer’s Objection
Plus much more, including 62 pages of tools, handouts (the same ones Dirk uses), scripts, and dialogues you can use as your own.

[blockquote_dd]ChristopherC“I can’t tell you how much I have benefited from the “How to Create and Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation” and “Convert and Commit the Buyer Every Time” CDs. They truly have changed the way I approach my presentations to clients and prospects. I am very thankful I found Dirk Zeller and I know the investment in these training CDs will pay off a thousandfold.”

Christopher Cassin
Independence Realty

Get It Now for Only $147

[$314 Total Value]

To Your Achievement of Converting the Buyer Every Time,

Dirk Zeller, CEO

P.S. – If you want to check out the complete Success Trio (not just this module), feel free to click here. It’s chock-full of step-by-step tools, tactics, and scripts you need to master the 3 most critical parts of the Real Estate Sales Process. Check it out here.
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