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“Thank you for the bonus tools. I really needed a boost to get my year off to a better late than never start. Your tools did the trick. Within two days of watching the last lesson I sold two properties that I have been carrying for a while. Thanks again.”

Wayne MacIntoshHalifax, NS

“Dirk Zeller made an offer for free tools and I was wondering if this would be another time sink for me to spend a few minutes “working” without really doing anything of value. I was wrong! The value provided in the videos was very impressive. The content is direct and to the point. The information has already helped me refocus my business and I am confident that I will see great results shortly. I am looking forward to purchasing some of the more advanced materials offered. Given the quality of the free products I am excited to see how much I can learn from the other material.”

Scott CowanTacoma, WA

”It’s hard to imagine that the bonus coaching sessions were free. Dirk Zeller has outdone himself once again – top quality 7 video lessons and 5 coaching sessions included as a bonus tool kit. The information shared is current and can help any agent regardless of where they are with their business and take them to the next level. Congratulations on a outstanding program you have put together and I look forward to becoming a Real Estate Champion.”

Constantine IsslamowPeterborough, Ontario

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