Lead Management

If you’re tired of wasting your valuable time with unqualified leads, and would rather have a system for capturing, qualifying, and managing high payoff leads, it’s time to look into…

“Lead Mastery™”

How to save time & money by mastering:
Lead Capture, Lead Qualification, Lead Conversion, and Lead Management
(Obtain the System Born from Dirk’s “Top 15 Agents” Mastermind Group)


Dirk Zeller

Tuesday, 6:12 am


We all know we need them (LEADS), and quite a few of us have them coming out of our ears. Very few of us, however, have systems in place to handle them efficiently and effectively.

Over the last 15 years, my team and I have been perfecting systems to generate, capture, assess, qualify, and convert leads.

We’ve combined all of these lead management pieces into a complete Lead Mastery™ training program.

It makes no difference whether they are seller leads or buyer leads; you need systems and processes in place to handle them and convert them into commission income.

Once you master leads, you’ll be able to focus your energy and time where it really matters.

What my “Top 15 Agents” think-tank and I found out is that lead generation is not the problem. Simply getting more leads will not solve your lead problem. Doing a better job with the leads you already have will bring you tremendous freedom in your Real Estate business.

Success Trio Module 1 – Lead Mastery™

leadmastery_thumbWhat would life be like if you were a Lead Master? Imagine having systems in place and scripts to use that would help you capture, assess, qualify, and follow-up with leads.

In this program, Dirk Zeller reveals his time-tested (by literally 1000s of Agents) and field proven lead systems. Complete with scripts, dialogues, forms, checklists, letter templates and more. You’ll have all you need to become a Lead Master and SAVE thousands of hours with leads that used to waste your time.

“There’s not another more comprehensive program for “Lead Mastery” that even
comes close to this one.” – Dirk Zeller

What You Will Learn:

  • Lead Definition – Real Estate Sales Lead Cycle Flow Chart
  • How to Slay the Time and Space Vampires
  • The 7 Key Rules for Lead Follow-up
  • How to Cut Your Phone Time in Half by Committing Them to an Appointment using Lead Scripts
  • How to Accurately Assess Prospect Conversion Probability – Lead Conversion Worksheet Included
  • How to Get Organized Using a Lead Inventory Tracking System
  • How to Quickly Get to NO Using a Killer Unqualified Lead Script
  • Why the DNA2 System is the Only System Every REALTOR® Should Be Using for Leads
  • How to Turn the “Value Of Silence” Into Commission Income
  • Over 81 Scripts, Dialogues, Tools, and Worksheets for Qualified and Unqualified Buyer and Seller Leads

[blockquote_dd]AugieG“During my 35 years in real estate, I have attended many seminars, conferences, etc. and purchased tapes, CDs, and other marketing tools. Dirk Zeller’s approach to teaching is the very best in terms of context, completeness, and clarity. He gives you not only the information but also the feeling that YOU have got what it takes to be successful. Thank you, Dirk.”

Augie Garcia
Pinnacle Realty

What you will get in Lead Mastery™, Success Trio Module 1:

  • Complete Lead Categorization & Assessment System (with forms and checklists)
  • Lead Qualification System with 81 Proven & Tested Lead Scripts
  • Prospect Inventory System
  • 15 Killer Follow-Up Letter Templates
  • Prospect Interview Worksheets
  • Complete Voicemail Script System for Prospects
  • 4 CDs – Audio Training
  • 1 CD-ROM Workbook

Get It Now for Only $147

[$314 Total Value]

To Your Achievement of Success,


Dirk Zeller, CEO

P.S. – If you want to check out the complete Success Trio (not just this module), feel free to click here. It’s chock-full of step-by-step tools, tactics, and scripts you need to master the 3 most critical parts of the Real Estate Sales Process. Check it out here.

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