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New Agent Real Estate Coaching Programs (Recommended):


“How Even Top Producing Agents Are Letting Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Slip Right Through Their Fingers in the Lead Generation Arena…”

JumpStart™ Your Production Coaching Series

JumpStart is the affordable accountability coaching solution for New Agents who are committed to jump-starting their careers and becoming consistent producers in six months or less. Through this live interactive web-based 8-week course you will learn to dramatically improve your skills, strategies, techniques and disciplines so you increase your lead volume and the conversion rate of your leads.

The sessions are powerful, explosive, motivating and accountability driven. They are packed with tools designed for your skill development. The coaching sessions are sixty minutes in length followed by accountability between sessions. Class meets once a week.

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New Agent Self-study Training Program:


“How to Drastically Increase Your Income as a New Agent by Learning the Proven Tools, Strategies, and Tactics That Most Veteran Agents Don’t Even Know or Use!”

The New Agent Jumpstart Package –

What would your life be like if you could essentially fast-forward through time to where you knew all the tactics and techniques the pros discovered after years in the business, and even some they didn’t? Well, it’s now possible. Click the button below to find out how you can jump ahead of New Agents and even veterans in your market


Recommended New Agent Books:


Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies®

Dirk, of all the real estate trainers & coaches in the world, was chosen to write the book on how to be successful as a Real Estate Agent.

It’s been said about Dirk that he’s “the only Real Estate Trainer or Coach in the industry that doesn’t fill his material with a bunch of fluff. His material is time-tested, proven in the trenches, advanced Real Estate Agent tactics that work“.

This long anticipated book covers all of the foundational knowledge needed from basic to intermediate, on how to become a successful Real Estate Agent in the shortest amount of time. This is the second book authored by Dirk who also wrote “Your First Year in Real Estate”, which is Random House’s #1 Real Estate Title of all time.

Need Help Energizing Your New Career?

If you are a New Agent, breakthrough and become a Consistent Producer in 3-6 Months with our proven “small group” performance accountability coaching program designed specifically for new, struggling and inconsistent Agents. We’ve made available to you a FREE Business Review & Evaluation Coaching Call with one of our Professional Coaches. These are the same coaches that have helped our clients achieve an average $100,000 increase in income, and they’re here to help you as well!

Along with your free coaching call, you’ll also get instant access (after you fill out the form below) to our free REALTOR® PROfile™, which will help you identify your core strengths & weaknesses and help you address those areas in your Real Estate Career. It’s an extremely useful tool and the first step toward achieving a trulysuccessful business with personal life balance.


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