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Kim Heddinger

Kim HeddingerWindermere of Lane County

Real Estate Champions’ systems and techniques have transformed my business. I used to work mainly with buyers; in fact, over 60% of my business was buyers. Now over 80% of my business is listings, and my income went up over $150,000 last year.

Whether you’re a New Agent, Rising Star, Seasoned Veteran, or Top Producer, we can help you BREAKTHROUGH and grow to the next level in your Real Estate Business and your life…

“How You Can Achieve Personal Success With Life Balance Through Real Estate Coaching That is Custom Tailored to Fit Your Natural Talents & Experience level”

Thank you for taking the time to look further at our Real Estate Coaching Programs. I’m certain that you’ll find our methodologies, techniques, and tactics for coaching Agents, Brokers, and Managers the very best in the Real Estate Industry.

When I established Real Estate Champions, my goal wasn’t just to coach Real Estate Agents to become proficient enough to earn a decent income in Real Estate Sales, or even to become Top Producers.

I set the bold goal of creating Champion Producers who experience a balance between the personal and business aspects of their lives… much like I did when I sold over 150 homes a year while working only 4 days a week.

The Results and Statistics

So what exactly can you expect to accomplish if you’re considering coaching? Results. Our program is the most tested and successful in the industry. Agents have been using our programs for over 10 years with proven results…

Dan Biel

Dan BielRealty Executives AZ Territory

I started my journey of Real Estate coaching with Dirk Zeller 9 months ago. I have experienced a dramatic evolution in my business success this year! Although I have been selling Real Estate for over 25 years, I had slipped into some complacency in my work habits. By following Dirk’s methodology, I have implemented new disciplines in my business practice that allows me to have laser focus on direct income producing activities. I have found that if you want to reach your greatest potential in Real Estate, coaching with Real Estate Champions is a priceless asset.

“Average Results From Our Program Yield a $100,000 Raise in Income and An Extra Day Off Per Week to Enjoy Life!”

Performance increase averages for Agents:

  • Annual GCI increase in excess of $100,000
  • Number of listings taken increased 52%
  • Number of buyer controlled sales increased 23%
  • Time worked by Agents reduced 14%

So, the bottom-line results for the average Agent in our coaching programs is that you’ll increase your production, increase your income, and end up working less hours so you’ll have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Julie Boyd-Elrod

Julie Boyd-ElrodKeller Williams

I have been in two other coaching programs without the significant results I was looking for. Because I wanted to go to the next level, I felt the need to do something different. After working with my coach at Real Estate Champions for nine months, I exploded my commissions earned from $265,000 to $607,000. I am on track to do over $1,000,000 this year. Real Estate Champions has changed my career and my life.

Now is the time to create your best year ever!

I really don’t have to spend pages and more of your time here proving my case to you. Our clients’ results speak for themselves. My clients for example… 84% of them had their most productive years ever last year, and have plans in place for this year to do even better.

But don’t take my word for it… get one of our Assistant Coaches on the phone and interview them. They’ll even give you references you can call yourself to get the story from an Agent who has already had success working with us.

You can even schedule an introductory coaching call with one of our Professional Real Estate Coaches to get some advice & consulting about your current situation. Who knows? They just might have exactly the right advice for your exact situation right now.

If you’d like receive your introductory coaching call, please fill out the form below…

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Rich Purvis

Rich PurvisWindermere of Lane County

I was able to breakthrough to become a consistent producer and then grow my annual GCI from $50,000 to over $200,000 in just two years.

Janet Van Nuys

Janet Van NuysSouth Dakota Properties

After nearly a year of coaching with Dirk Zeller, I am on track to double my real estate income this year. Having Dirk as a coach has helped me stay focused with my time and energy on the most important aspects of my business. By using systems he developed and with his help in weekly planning, there is stability in my business and I have the ability to control more outcomes by focusing on consistency at a daily and weekly level. I am able to think bigger picture and handle a higher amount of business than I ever thought possible. This has made it possible to set up a framework for my business finances and a retirement package because of his help. Being a coaching client of Dirk’s has been the single most important decision I have made to improve my quality of life and real estate career,

Josh Hooper

Josh HooperHomeTown Atlanta

My business was going through some hardships when we started working together. I was hovering around a zero profit year and I was in a bad place mentally. After a few calls, you helped me realize that I was focusing on too many things and not the most important things. There were really only a few small tweaks that were needed that helped propel my team to the most successful quarter we have ever had (and by a long shot). You have helped me be more focused and have communicated with me where I needed to be. No bull, just authentic communication that showed you care without a lot of the fluff I have seen in the industry.

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