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Team Double Click

Team Double-Click is a virtual staffing agency specializing in providing virtual administrative staffing for agents and brokers. Our VAs are trained in real estate specific support services, they are US home-based independent contractors, backed by the agency to assure excellent service.

We don’t just tell you where you can find a virtual assistant. We assess your needs and match you with one of our highly-skilled and Team Double-Click trained virtual assistants. And then we monitor and nurture that relationship so you get the most out of hiring virtually. Think of us as your virtual human resources department!

Real Estate Websites

What’s your plan for Internet leads? Are you being held hostage by the third-party interlopers who are extorting money from you for leads you deserve anyway?

This site contains information that will help you acquire Internet leads without paying a fortune to the third-party lead kidnappers or paying thousands of dollars a year for Pay-Per-Click traffic.

Do you need help with capturing, assessing, qualifying, and converting those leads to commission dollars?

Dirk Zeller RecommendsWith so much available information, the resources on this list could have run dozens of pages long. Instead, I decided to create a site specifically designed to keep you connected to the best agent products and services in the real estate industry. Visit for information on continuously updated resources that I’ve carefully evaluated to ensure your safety and satisfaction.


24/7 Call Capture

The Training Center offers training and education to HR, Insurance, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Legal, Health Care, and Real Estate professionals.

They offer you licensing or schooling to get you into your profession, Continuing Education to help maintain your license(s), Certification or Designation courses to enhance and propel your career, and a large amount of professional development products and services to help you do your job better, improve your productivity, keep you in compliance with mandated rules and regulations, and increase your sales and profits.


Educating the best in the real estate business for 10 years!

Online Ed provides the highest quality courses completely over the internet. This includes instant online testing, grading, and certificate delivery. Start your courses the moment you enroll. No waiting for books or materials in the mail. Use any computer in the world at any day or time!

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