Because none of us have the capacity to work on all of our goals at once, the more focused and specific we are, the more successful we can be. I would suggest a top ten list of goals that you apply your goal action plan. Determine the most important ten goals and create a goal action for each. Then list the resources you need or have available for each goal.



  • Is there an amount of money I need to invest to accomplish this goal?
  • Where can I acquire the money to reach the goal?
  • Do I need to take it out of my working capital, savings, or borrow it?


  • What skills must I acquire and perfect to reach this goal?
  • What is the best way to acquire those skills in terms of ease, timeframe, and cost?


  • What knowledge must I secure to achieve this goal?
  • Is this knowledge specific or general?
  • What’s the best pathway to obtain this knowledge in terms of ease, timeframe, and cost?


  • What time investment must I make personally?
  • What’s the timing or order of steps to ensure the accomplishment of this goal?

Other People:

  • Who else can help me?
  • Who can help me reduce the time or timing?
  • Does who I know make a difference?
  • If it does, who do I need to know and how do I get to know them?


The process of setting and achieving goals is a process of clarity and commitment. It’s easier to have the commitment we need if we have the clarity of our goals. I am a firm believer that everyone has the opportunity to live a grand and glorious life. Everyone has the opportunity to accomplish anything they desire. The biggest barrier between you and your dreams is the clarity you lack to write down what you really want out of life.

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