Real Estate Champions’ Testimonials

“Dear Dirk, Thank you for writing “Your 1st Year in Real Estate”. I held my first official buyer’s presentation this morning and I used several of your suggestions and scripts in my presentation. I practiced the script I wrote and this morning I got the exclusive buyer agent agreement signed. I am so excited! I have my first showing with this couple on Friday. I am so glad you came to the OSCAR convention in Kissimmee, FL this past fall. Also, thanks for the newsletters. I’ve used the information in them and even impressed my broker with some info she didn’t know. You made me look GOOD! Thanks again!”

-Alasha Mikell, Sapphire Realty, Florida


“This was my first online seminar. I have also signed up for the one on February 21st. This was a great experience for me! You did an excellent job. I’m still so awestruck that I could not even think of how it could be better! Thank you so much. ”

-Vicky Grier, Prudential – Jack White Real Estate, Alaska

“Having listened to several online seminars, I find this to be one of the best that you have had because of a combination of excellent speakers, good organization and superb content. My compliments! Thank you! Nice job. ”

-Barry “Bear” Friedlander, RE/MAX of Boulder, Inc., Colorado

“Excellent seminar… Dirk has great experience, we all need to hear it from the “trenches” and listen to actually success. Nice job. I look forward to next gathering. ”

-Ned Redpath, Coldwell Banker – Redpath & Co., New Hampshire

“This was my first time ever to listen to a tele-seminar. Thank you so much for your valuable information. ”

-Mathilde Eliason, RE/MAX Liberty, Massachusetts

“I think this was great! I would love to see another seminar on qualifying and other topics. ”

-Linda Lou Parks, Prudential Triple S Realty, Colorado

“I thought the seminar was quite good. I have never joined in a telephone seminar before and I enjoyed it. The fact that I could follow on the computer was helpful. They did answer my question, which surprised me and I want to take what I learned and apply it.”

-Arlene Rottenstein, Coldwell Banker, New York

“Great Seminar – I am a new client and my first coaching appointment is on Monday with Don, It was great to hear actual people and their success stories. I am looking forward to the future!”

-Dale Denelle, R.D. Denelle & Co., Inc.

“I enjoyed the seminar very much. I am already in coaching and I agree with the two agents. Real Estate Champions and Don Cunningham gave me my life back. I now enjoy my life again and make more money.”

-Diane Kauzlarich, RE/MAX of Santa Clarita, CA

“Thanks! Very enthusiastically received. Thanks to all of the great speakers who were willing to share their successes and challenges. Well worth the time to listen in on Champion Performer.”

-Kevin Jennings, RE/MAX Peaks Realty, Utah

“Great content! Even though the quality of the last seminar was good, the quality of this seminar was even better! ”

-Troy Hoeft, Home Realty of America, California

Coaches Corner

“Just want to offer a compliment on your newsletter format. Love the look and ease of navigation. I look forward to reviewing it each time it is sent. Keep up the good work. ”

-Karen McDorman, Dayton, Ohio

“Wow! You are awesome. I always look forward to receiving reading your material. It is the best around. Keep ’em comping! Thanks! ”

-Debbie Brand, Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers, Oregon

“I subscribed to the newsletter when I was preparing to take my real estate pre-license course. For one reason or another I ended up doing something else (commercial embroidery). i never unsubscribed to the newsletter and have greatly benefited from the content (especially Words from the President) in my own business. I have read Mr. Zeller’s book and refer to it when managing sales and leads. I just wanted you to know that the practical business, sales and life advice that you produce is helpful to more than just the real estate agents you’re working with. Thank you!! ”

-Brittany Corn, Bentonville, Arkansas

Coaching Testimonials

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Book Reviews

“Dirk Zeller’s approach is brilliant! He gives the best basic marketing techniques to his students. I applaud this book. ”

-Bonnie S. Mays, Vice President, Realty World America, and Executive Director, Realty World Academy

“Follow the advice in this book and you will join the growing list of real estate professionals who call Dirk Zeller their mentor! ”

-Rick DeLuca, nationally recognized real estate speaker

“I am a new real estate agent. Like most new agent I was VERY lost (i’m sure you know the feeling). I had no one telling me the “how to’s”, the “when to’s”, and most importantly the “why to’s” of the business. Is that what I signed up for, i asked. I was overwhelmed and nervous. I invested in books and tapes of the highest level in relation to real estate (they where very good) BUT they never gave me the BOTTOM LINE (starting for the moment you receive |THE CERTIFICATE| to actually thinking of making 100 000+/year)! The best investment I made was the book “YOUR FIRST YEAR IN REAL ESTATE”. If you are new in the business and are looking for a mentor, read the book. You don’t know where to start!? Read the book. You want to build a solid foundation for your career!? Read the book. Don’t be fooled by it’s seemingly “basic” cover, this is the book you want. Dirk Zeller’s philosophy is fantastic. It is possible to work 4 days a week and still make alot of $ and have time for your family… ”

–Steve Lachance

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