If you could master a lead source that will generate 10, 15, even 30+ new listings (that are priced to sell) for you in the next 12 months, would you want to learn exactly how?

As you read the rest of this page, you'll discover, step-by-step, how to tap into an extremely potent source of revenue: Expireds...

Now the truth is, a lot of Agents try to target Expireds, but few ever achieve massive success and often give up because they get lost in the shuffle, etc. Competition (and the prospects themselves) can be fierce.

However, with the system below, you'll be able to stand out from your competition and open the floodgates to revenue from Expired listings...

Example: During my sales career, Expireds made up close to 50% of my annual units and revenue.When I really understood the process of prospecting, lead follow-up, qualifying, presenting, objection handling, and closing, I would list between 75-100+ expired properties a year, and a majority were priced to sell quickly. You're going to get access to the exact same scripts, tools, and strategies I used...

Expired Edge™ Testimonial
"Expired Edge rocked! I was a coaching student for Dirk Zeller's Expired Edge program. Over the 6 weeks that we were involved in the course I created 65 leads, booked 12 appointments, took 7 listings and put 4 listings under contract. The numbers are real and the experience was top notch.

The numbers that I had created regarding leads, contact and appointments was done in November and December. If Dirk's system works during that time of the year, imagine the income that you will make using the same exact system in the booming spring and summer markets. Thank you for the game changing program!"
~ Jimmy Noble, Catonsville, MD
"The Scripts & Strategies You Need for How to Cut Through the Fog of Tough Competition to Connect With Expireds and
Get a Face-to-Face Appointment 85% of the Time..."
Expireds are a great pillar to add to your business for a number of reasons. One being that Expireds are continuing to increase in most marketplaces; according to NAR, only 47% of homes listed sold last year, a low number that shows that more houses failed to sell than are being sold.

Another reason is that they're usually highly motivated to get their home sold. On the other hand, they can also be frustrated and are prone to being difficult to contact - especially when being hit by a ton of calls from your competition. That's why you need to have proven, effective scripts & systems in place to be able to cut through the fog and connect with them where other Agents all sound the same...

Expired Edge™ Testimonial
"I have taken other Real Estate Champions' courses before. The new program on expireds was as great as their others. The scripts and dialogues they taught were exceptional. The course delivery and design helped me master my fear of call reluctance. I am on pace to take two expired listings a month because of Expired Edge!"
~ Linda Serf-McGeehan, Laurel, MD

With Expired Edge™, you'll truly understand the mindset of an Expired prospect, and you'll know what to say and how to say it. I made tons of mistakes for years, and I still see those mistakes being made in today's markets more often than not.

Scripting your entire process out, and knowing where you need improvement is the key. Instead of years of trial and error, you'll already have the end result ready: 5 Champion Strategies for getting the appointment 85% of the time that you can use individually or combine to suit your personal style. You'll feel completely confident when contacting Expireds.

"The Revolutionary Scripting System That Will Allow
You to Always Keep the Prospect on Track
- Never Get Caught Off Guard"
The thing is, when you're using a scripted sales sequence, it doesn't matter how good it is; the prospect will rarely follow along with you, and you'll get off track, frustrated, and usually have a problem getting back to the script. However, if you want to generate significant revenue from Expireds, you MUST use scripts that you can count on time & time again to give you consistent, proven results...

So what's the solution? Our revolutionary new scripting system called QuadraTrack™. No matter what the prospect says, you'll have powerful scripted responses in front of you for any step in the process - never get thrown off track or caught off guard. We'll be going over it in detail in Session #1, and it's so easy to use that you can separate, refine, shift between tracks, and add your own strategies/scripts if you'd like.

This system alone is worth taking the course because it has the potential to change your business overnight when you put it to use...

"How to Secure More Appointments and Turn
Objections into Selling Opportunities ..."
Another key part of getting the appointment is handling objections that will get thrown your way, and with Expireds, there's usually a lot. No matter how skillful you are, some people will always object to your desire for an appointment...

Believe it or not, I was actually excited when I had an objection, or when a seller was being particularly difficult to connect with. And believe it or not, I'm not insane! It's actually because when you're able to use the scripts in this program to handle all the difficult objections with an Expired, you automatically know you'll have less competition at the appointment, and therefore are more likely to get the listing...

Expired Edge™ Testimonial
"The Expired Edge Program was a dream come true! I jumped at the chance when this program was offered and to have you coach me and you didn't let me down! I am now approaching expired owners without fear and have been successful in asking and getting appointments. The scripts that I learned addressed every situation an expired has thrown at me. I have confidence; now I know I can do this!"
~ Dottie Gawel, Asbury, NJ

Also, when someone gives you a particular objection, they're telling you exactly what they want. When you start using this approach with the right scripts, you'll be able to turn objections into opportunities for you to actually get the appointment more easily. They'll see that you understand their needs better and they'll be more eager to work with you...

What You'll Learn in Expired Edge™ Sessions #1, #2, and #3:
The Revolutionary QuadraTrack™ Scripting System With Dozens of Powerful Scripts (developed from top-producing Champion Agents' businesses) for Expireds:
How to make an instant connection with an Expired prospect - know what to say and how to say it to quickly build a relationship with them
Scripts for the "direct" and "inspection" approaches to painlessly lock in face-to-face appointments with an Expired prospect
Scripts for the appointment - both softer approaches and more direct ones that will both allow you to convince them to work with you
How to cut through the fog and get heard - convey to them that there is no risk and actually make them realize that working with you is a no-brainer
How to keep prospects from switching to "auto-pilot" - the automatic "no" position that they've given to every other Agent
Many more...
How to use Red-X to get detailed information about Expireds as soon as they appear. You'll know when they go on or off the market (save time by not calling someone who's no longer a prospect)
5 Champion Strategies for getting the appointment 85% of the time that you can use individually or combine to suit your personal style - you'll feel completely confident when contacting Expireds
Understanding the mindset of an Expired and convert their anger or frustration into a motivating force to get their home sold with YOU
Dozens of Scripts, Dialogues, and Responses to Handle Any Objections (including "Agents are all the same", "How come you didn't show it while it was on the market", "We're off the market", "We are going to re-list with our previous Agent," and more) the Expired Owner throws your way. Be able to use those objections to your advantage towards getting the listing...
Voicemail Scripts that will get the prospect to actually call you back - implement them right away to capture their attention and build value in the 7 seconds that make or break whether they respond
The all-important "Safety Zone Scripts" that work phenomenally not only with expireds, but with FSBO's, buyers, sellers, ad calls, sign calls, open house clients, and Internet leads
The "Connect-Response" Method that will allow you to unobtrusively gain information - don't sound like every other person contacting them. You'll also learn commonly-used "kiss of death" phrases that cause many Agents to fail right out of the gate.
Expired Listing Analysis Report - How to determine why a property has not sold and analyze whether the Marketing Plan, which was used to market a given property, was sufficient to meet the needs of the property owner
Much more...
"How to Manage Your Leads for Maximum Conversion, and Begin and End a Call With Power. Grab the Expired Prospect's Attention and Keep It All the Way to the Listing..."
All leads are not created equal, and if you're wanting to make the most profit from Expireds, you need to know which are your "D" leads, which you'll spend less time on, and which are your "AA" leads, which you'll send more marketing materials to, etc...

With the Champion Lead Management System, you'll be able to accurately qualify and gauge which Expired leads are gold, and which are only going to waste your time. Then you'll use a solid Lead Follow-up System for each type of lead with scripts & marketing strategies that have been thoroughly tested and built for maximum conversion. This is a critical difference in the average Agent's business vs. a Champion Agent who is able to close more challenging leads like Expireds.

Consider this: In just seven seconds, the prospect makes a judgment of your intelligence, professionalism, and knowledge by the sound of your voice and delivery of your message. Most Agents get disregarded immediately by Expireds. So in order to get the prospect's attention, you'll be learning powerful opening statements which will create a visual image that conveys professionalism, knowledge, and entices the prospect to listen to what you have to say within just 7 seconds.

Likewise, with closing statements it's the same thing, and you'll learn to end the call with power; leaving a lasting impression that will make certain your next meeting is secured...

What You'll Learn in Expired Edge™ Session #4:
How to convey the benefits (scripts with multiple closes - alternate, direct, permission) of your services so clearly that Expireds will be eager to work with you right away. You won't have any fear calling an Expired prospect after using these scripts, and you can immediately start implementing in your business
One of the most powerful business tools to connect & convert prospects that few Agents ever use
How to Create Powerful Opening Statements (Dozens of Scripts) which will create a visual image in the prospect's mind that conveys professionalism, knowledge, and entices them to listen to what you have to say within just 7 seconds (the amount of time in which you have to make an impression)
Key techniques for marketing to expireds that have been proven to dramatically increase the conversion of your prospects (not just Expireds) to 100% committed clients
4 Simple Tips that will determine whether or not your marketing connects with a prospect, or gets thrown in the trash - you will see a dramatic improvement in response just by using these
Scripts/methods of contact that most Agents use that you should avoid at all costs, replacing them with powerful scripts that will move you forward to the sale
The part in the process where everything falls apart for most Agents - a simple way to avoid the common mistakes with just one simple statement
Much more...
"Behavioral Selling - The Secrets to Selling That Will Make
You 'Click' With Every Prospect You Meet..."
Ever had a prospect that you just "click" with - making it extremely easy to sell your services to them? What if you could make that happen every time?
I have been studying, teaching, and coaching behavioral selling for almost ten years. To put it frankly, the power that you'll have as a salesperson once you master it is truly incredible. Your sales performance can increase by 20%, 30%, even 50+% once you're able to master behavioral selling in this program.

It's nothing magical; you simply need to develop the skills to understand your behavioral style, and theirs. We're going to be going over this in depth, but basically there's 4 main behavioral styles that we each naturally gravitate towards: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, or Compliance (DISC).

This is very important to understand: it's NOT about manipulating the sale. You have a service to provide, and it's about conveying your benefits in a way that's going to resonate with the Expired prospect, and break down the barriers they put up.
"How to Ultimately Close More Listings by Selling Effortlessly to Prospects and Having 100% Confidence to Compete..."
You'll learn the specific ways to identify a prospect's behavioral style, even over the phone. Once you know it (after practicing you'll be able to identify it within seconds), you'll know specific ways to talk that will be effective, and ones that you should absolutely avoid. It will make communicating with not just Expireds, but every prospect, completely effortless and very effective...
Expired Edge™ Testimonial
"Expired Edge exploded my confidence in taking expired listings! I took two new listings during Expired Edge and had one sell during the 6-weeks. I am now on pace to take 24 expired listings this year. I expected the class to bring me to my next level in real estate and it has!"
~ Lawrence Wong, Brooklyn, NY

Your confidence and conviction will skyrocket - you'll be able to ask bolder questions, take a little more risk, not get stressed over a minor roadblock, and ultimately get more sales because you have absolutely no fear of going out into the marketplace and competing.

The key to a great listing presentation with Expireds is preparation before the appointment. Whoever has better information is going to make the sale, and you'll learn the Pre-Listing Questions you must be asking if you want to convert more Expireds in listings that are priced to sell...
What You'll Learn in Expired Edge™ Sessions #5 and #6:
3 Important Truths About Behavioral Selling that will allow you to instantly connect with ANY prospect, not just Expireds. Open up communication, lower resistance, and make communicating with them absolutely effortless, and extremely effective
How to evaluate your prospect's behavioral style - know a list of ways to talk that will be effective with them, and ones that you should absolutely avoid
How to determine your own behavioral style and know what your natural tendencies are. How to ask yourself the right questions in a sales call to determine if too much of your personal style is clashing against the prospect's. You'll learn how to immediately make the right change to turn the tide and end the call effectively
3 Things for how you'll be able to recognize an Expired's Behavioral Style over the phone. After you've practiced these, you'll be able to pick it up in a matter of seconds
How to pace the speed of communication to make the most effective presentation possible - the speed of how you communicate to a specific behavioral style can make or break whether you seal the deal
4 Important Points on Attitude that will enable you to always keep a positive outlook, which is critical when working with Expireds.
33 Critical Expired Pre-Listing Questions that will greatly increase your odds of getting the listing
Much more...
How Does the Program Work?

All the training in Expired Edge™ is usually only available once or twice a year when it's presented live, making it impossible to access when there are gaps in the schedule... so we've answered the many requests we've received and made the entire course available to you year round.

When you sign up, you'll be able to access all of the recorded sessions, workbooks, and tools from Expired Edge™ in our online Training Hub. No need to wait for a session each week, everything is available right away.

Once you've logged in, you'll be able to download your workbooks for each session, print them out for note-taking, and watch the virtual classroom recordings.

There are 6 video sessions in total and you can watch them whether you are on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Other Smartphones, or your regular computer.

You'll also receive these bonuses right after you sign up:

Bonus #1: 10 Online Training Videos by Dirk Zeller

You'll get access to 10 online training videos that you can start watching instantly:

Bonus #2: e-Book and Streaming Audio Library
Complete Digital Library
You'll also get access to the e-Book and Streaming Audio Library in our online Training Hub. Titles include:
Expired Edge™ Testimonial
"The Expired Edge Program taught by Dirk Zeller is a must take for anyone who is serious about listing expired properties on a consistent basis. The strategies, scripts, dialogues and systems taught are essential to success in this niche of real estate. I know; because of Expired Edge I will list my goal of 48 expired listings for this year! HIGHLY recommend the program."
~ Paul Senior, Upper Marlboro, MD
What you'll receive in Expired Edge™:
  • 6 Recorded Virtual Coaching Sessions of in-depth online training with Dirk Zeller - $1,200+ Value
  • 6 Comprehensive Workbooks Full of Tools, Tactics, and Advanced Systems, Covered Each Session in Detail $582 Value - Some Topics Covered:
    • Starting Your Journey to Expired Mastery
    • Connecting on the First Contact
    • Getting Past Blocks, Stalls, and Appointment Objections
    • Expired Lead Edge
    • Increasing Your Expired Sales through Behavioral Selling Strategies
    • Becoming the Agent They Choose
    • ...and more
  • Bonus #1: 10 Online Training Videos by Dirk Zeller - $100 Value
  • Bonus #2: e-Book and Streaming Audio Library - $90 Value
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