What will you become?

I learned from my late friend, Jim Rohn that life is not about what you acquire but what you become. We set goals to become the person we need to become to accomplish the goal. I had to become a different person to attract the success that I had in real estate sales. I have had to become a more skilled and more knowledgeable person to become a coach and speak in front of audiences. A specific example would be the fact that I had to become more disciplined to become an author of ten books and counting.

The change in your thinking, your knowledge, your skills, your discipline that you must undergo is the real value. The achievement of crossing the finish line of the goal lasts a week, a day, or even just a moment. The improvements you made to cross that finish line of the goal lasts a lifetime. You get to invest that new found knowledge, skill, thinking, and discipline for the rest of your life to create more abundance and accomplishments.

I believe that’s why most financially successful people create the largest portion of their wealth between the ages of fifty-five and sixty-five. Numerous studies have profiled wealthy individuals and discovered that successful people make more money in those ten years than all the preceding thirty plus years combined. For most of us, it takes us that long to acquire the wisdom, skills, knowledge, and discipline to achieve fantastic returns for our efforts.

It’s difficult to work on all of your goals at once. We must choose and prioritize our goals to be able to create and implement our plan for achievement. We need a plan of action and achievement to successfully check the goals off of our life list. We must look at the resources in life that need to be employed to ensure the achievement of our goals: the resources of money, skills, knowledge, time, and other people. These are the resources of life that we can invest in achieving the Champion level of life. For each goal, we need to determine the resources to invest, as well as how much and when to invest them.

Money: Is there an amount of money I need to invest to accomplish this goal? Where can I acquire the money to reach the goal? Do I need to take it out of my working capital, savings, or borrow it?

Skills: What skills must I acquire and perfect to reach this goal? What is the best way to acquire those skills in terms of ease, timeframe, and cost?

Knowledge: What knowledge must I secure to achieve this goal? Is this knowledge specific or general? What’s the best pathway to obtain this knowledge in terms of ease, timeframe, and cost?

Time: What time investment must I make personally? What’s the timing or order of steps to ensure the accomplishment of this goal?

Other People: Who else can help me? Who can help me reduce the time or timing? Does who I know make a difference? If it does, who do I need to know and how do I get to know them?

These are the questions to ask ourselves relating to the resource areas we need to apply to each of our goals to ensure the fulfillment of our big whys and big goals in life.


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